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50 Siri Voice Commands To Help You Get The Most From Apple’s Voice Assistant [VIDEO] | Redmond Pie

So much to learn. Hope this helps :)


iPhone 5c Meets .50 Cal Rifle; Filmed On iPhone 5s In Slo-Mo! [VIDEO] | Redmond Pie

Technology meets a .50 caliber rifle. The kind of stuff we like at tekRESCUE.


iPhone, Android data usage: Study finds Apple users consume more data | BGR

From How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

This is the story of how one man’s digital life was ruined because of Apple and Amazon’s lax security measures. This is a must read.



How to Enable Java in OS X Mountain Lion

So you’ve installed Mountain Lion. It won’t take you long to realize that Java is not installed or enabled by default. Since the world practically runs on Java you are going to need it. There isn’t an obvious way to install or enable Java so here’s a little tutorial to help you out. In this post I am not going to even begin to address why in the world somebody at Apple thought it would be good to disable Java by default. Something about a “security risk” I’m sure….

Anyway, here’s the tutorial:

1) Use spotlight to search for and open “Java Preferences.”

2) The system will probably say “There is no Java to configure. Would you like to download the latest version now?” or something similar to that. Click Yes.

3) Once that is done, make sure Java is enabled like in the screenshot below. Reload your browser and you’re done!

Siri vs. Google Search (Jelly Bean) – Google Wins

Android kicks Siri’s butt here. Well maybe not a true butt kicking. Siri is a pretty good product. But the default google search is so much faster.


Siri vs. Google Search (Jelly Bean) – YouTube.

How to create an OS X Lion installation disc


Here’s a great tutorial on how to make an installation CD for OS X Lion. You don’t NEED it if you have to reinstall OS X, but it will save you time and be a little more convenient. PLUS, it’s nice to have an installation DVD around in case you need to run Disk Utility or permissions fix and it won’t work from within the OS.



How to create an OS X Lion installation disc

It’s an ERROR not a FEATURE


Latest OS X Lion update fixes the “Reopen windows when logging back in” setting being always enabled. I’m (randy) so glad about this one. I thought that little check always being there was on purpose.

From Gizmodo:

What Apple Stole from Android


Here’s an interesting article from Business Insider. Not sure if we agree with every point but….. some of it is right on. FYI Android doesn’t need an iCloud substitute. It’s been in the cloud since it started.

Why The New BlackBerry 10 Isn’t Nearly Enough To Save RIM | Redmond Pie

From RedmondPie. We thought you guys might find this interesting.

Why The New BlackBerry 10 Isn’t Nearly Enough To Save RIM | Redmond Pie.