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3-dimensional letter forms emerge from a phone screen.

Typography on the Web in 2019

Website Design
A website may exist thanks to technology that has emerged very recently, but the design principles behind a great website are timeless. Conveying information to the viewer is still the most essential problem for a web designer to solve, and…
Colleagues examining two website layouts

The Use Of Hero Images In Web Design

Website Design
Vision is the strongest human sense. It’s also the fastest way to grab a user’s attention when visiting your site. The use of hero images has become very popular in website design. These are not superhero images, but more represent…
tekRESCUE present: [Infographic] Image File Types Decoded: A primer for using images on the web.

[Infographic] Image File Types Decoded

Website Design
Information technology can get complicated very quickly, and digital image files are no exception to this rule. You’ve likely come across a few of the different types of image files such as JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, and others. You’ve also likely…