The 127 Group

A screenshot of the 127 Group home page on desktop and mobile

A Part of a Whole

The 127 Group is a leadership consulting company that aims to build leaders, organizations, and structures through coaching, consulting, and constructing. This company exists under the umbrella of Don Krueger Construction, and tekRESCUE was commissioned to build a website for both the parent company and the 127 Group. This presented a unique challenge, as we needed to create a system that would unify the two sites while still creating two distinct brands.

Setting a Plan into Action

For this project, tekRESCUE teamed up with Clearpath Marketing, Inc, a company that was brought on to help establish the client’s brand and articulate their goals into copy for the website. Clearpath did a great job of providing us with website wireframes complete with copy, photo recommendations, and font recommendations; Our job was to breathe life into these plans and turn them into the final web product. Getting the assets we needed from Clearpath made for a much smoother and quicker execution on our end.

A comparison of the site wireframes vs. the final product

Adding Color to the Brand

When the project first began, the client’s brand wasn’t fully solidified yet. All of the assets we had to work with were in black and white, so we first began building the site in shades of gray. Mid-way through the project, Clearpath worked with the client to establish their red and blue color scheme, which we then took and applied to the site. It was an interesting challenge to take a nearly-completed site and overhaul the color scheme as one of the final steps, but the additional color paid off to make the site feel much more alive.

A Suite of Illustrations

While some assets were provided to us, others were just concepts that became our job to flesh out. These included 4 illustrations elaborating the key components of The 127 Group’s services: coaching, consulting, and constructing. Triangles became an important symbol for the brand, so our challenge was to illustrate these concepts in groups of threes while working in the same style as the rest of the brand’s assets.

Presenting the Stories

Another interesting problem came up when we were adding in leadership biographies. We wanted to present the leaders side-by-side, but the clients had fairly long stories to tell that caused the text columns to appear awkwardly long. Our solution was to present shortened biographies along with “read more” buttons that, when clicked, would cause longer versions of the stories to appear. These longer text boxes would be presented on their own row, giving them plenty of room to breathe visually.

Screenshots of the 127 Group biography page on desktop and mobile
a screenshot of the transparent header next to the solid sticky header

Framing Symbolism

As was stated above, triangles are one of the most important visual motifs for the 127 Group’s brand. In the site’s photography, triangles are present in the form of mountains, architecture, and other objects—our goal was to emphasize these photos with the right framing while still allowing the overlaid text to be easily read. We chose to dim the photos a bit to contrast them with white text, and created a white version of the logo to sit on top of the photos. As the user scrolls down the pages, the white logo is swapped out to the full color one, which sits on top of a white bar.

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