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Wow! I can't endorse tekRESCUE and Randy Bryan enough. They are SEO masterminds. They took our website from being on the 6th page of Google to the 1st page in 3 months. They're amazing at what they do from IT, networking, websites, SEO... anything you need for technology. You owe it to yourself to call them.
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Are You Frustrated About Being Invisible On Google?

Many people think “getting you on Google” means just getting backlinks, but it’s so much more. You can’t game Google. Our SEO service experts love this stuff, and love helping you dominate on Google and Google My Business.

We can bore you with all the details, or you can hop on a call and we can talk about what your business needs when it comes to an SEO strategy. How would it feel to no longer be invisible, for Google to show how important your business really is?

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We focus on SEO strategies that build your business’s brand, authority, credibility, and trust—the most important aspects for ranking well long-term.

At tekRESCUE (Located in San Marcos, TX just outside of Austin, Texas), we have been helping businesses grow with SEO & Web Design for over a decade. We are selective with our clientele because not every company has the authority, trust, and credibility to succeed even with an SEO specialist. We have helped over 40 authentic firms transform their Google presence using our SEO services methodology. If you want to establish a professional online image, build trust and rapport with your potential customers, or just drive more targeted customers to your website, we are here for you.

SEO Can Help You Bring in More Relevant Traffic & Drive Sales

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Phase 1: Keyword and Market Research

Proper keyword research is essential to crafting a winning long-term SEO digital marketing plan. If the wrong keywords are chosen, all efforts to optimize your site become an uphill struggle. We spend a lot of time harvesting keywords, analyzing data, and handpicking the keywords that are most likely to deliver results. It’s easy to randomly pick keywords and hope that your site starts to rank well; unfortunately this approach rarely pays off in San Marcos and Austin TX SEO.

Instead, it’s crucial to collect as many relevant keywords that appear in local search results as possible and analyze each of them, separating the good from the bad. We look at several different metrics during the keyword research phase, and we judge the content marketing keywords on the three important pieces of data shown below.

After we present our recommended internet marketing keywords for your approval, we begin tracking your website’s rankings for these keywords so we can track progress month in and month out. Once finished, Phase II begins.


We find keywords that are relevant to your business to ensure that any traffic that comes as a product of ranking for these keywords in a search result has a higher chance of converting into leads and sales.

Search Volume

Not all keywords are created equal; some get many searches a month, others don’t get many at all. We aim for keywords with decent search result volume in an attempt to maximize potential exposure.

Competition Strength

We set realistic goals for rankings, and looking at the current top-ranking sites for a particular keyword is a great way to gauge how easy (or difficult) the SEO campaign to rank for a keyword will most likely be, and choose keywords based on the likelihood that we can rank we in google search against the current competitors with a bit of elbow grease.

Let’s Create a Strategy to Target Better Online Traffic for Your Business

Phase 2: On-Site Adjustments and Optimization

No amount of SEO services will help if your website and pages are not properly configured for your target keywords and audience. After the keywords we’ve chosen have been tested and analyzed, we do an audit of your website to see what technical SEO and content SEO changes need to be made. We begin by taking a more holistic and organic SEO approach to ensure that your entire website is optimized properly before drilling down into specific pages and sections of the website.

During the initial site audit we look at each of the primary pages of your website and evaluate their strengths & weaknesses to see how they will rank. We use this data to decide what can be tweaked to better optimize the site. We’ll be happy to explain everything we do to you if you care to know more. If you don’t, we don’t blame you, but you can rest assured knowing that we will ensure everything is optimal.

On Site Optimization

Keyword Organization

We cluster related keywords together to create highly contextually-relevant pages that search engines love. These kind of SEO campaigns prove to be most effective in driving more traffic to your site.

Thorough Analysis

We look at everything from header tags and image alt tags to word count & keyword density. Don’t know what all that mumbo-jumbo means? Not to worry, that’s why we’re here! Our team will assign an SEO expert to work directly with your business so you will always have someone to answer your questions

Ongoing Audits

Site auditing is an ongoing process and we re-run technical SEO as well as Content SEO audits on your site and make adjustments as time goes on to see how Google search and the other search engines respond to these changes.

Let’s Bring More Relevant Traffic to Your Website—and More Conversions

local directory rankings

Phase 3: Local Directory Optimization and Company Reviews

It’s important to have your business and website properly listed and optimized in the most authoritative online directories. We analyze your website’s current listings and ensure that they are optimized properly. Having the correct business information listed across the many popular local business directories such as Google my Business (GMB), Google Maps, and Google Ads is essential for building trust not only in search engines, but in potential customers and clients as well.

Existing Listings

We take the time to work with you and locate your existing listings, ensuring they’re up-to-date with accurate information. This is a good way to build credibility with a future client.

New Listings

The web is full of directories that can potentially increase your site’s authority and social media presence, so as an effective digital marketing agency we take the time to routinely look for new relevant ones to add your business to in an effort to increase your sites link building capabilities.

Positive Reviews

We will also discuss with you ways to increase the number of happy client reviews on your local listing pages, which in turn helps with ranking higher in local search engine listing results and on social media marketing platforms.

Let’s Discuss How You Can Improve Your Brand’s Online Reach and Image

Phase 4: Off-Site Optimization & Content Distribution

Unlike most SEO companies, we don’t focus solely on building links. Instead, we craft custom content related to your industry and distribute it on your behalf to grow and strengthen your brand across the internet and social media marketing platforms. We submit your site to powerful, niche-specific directories, craft a content marketing campaign, social media marketing campaign, and cultivate fresh and interesting content to periodically add to your website. Search engines reward sites that publish new authoritative digital marketing content with higher rankings on search engine results pages in San Marcos & Austin Tx.

Off-Site Optimization Illustration

Professional Infographics

We can create fun, professional infographics that contribute to the overall website design and local SEO of your site on your company’s behalf and distribute them to a variety of platforms to gain even more authority-boosting backlinks for local Austin SEO. We’ll even convert the infographics to video slideshows and add some catchy background music for distribution to video-sharing sites for even more organic SEO efforts.

Competitor Analysis

In addition, as your San Marcos & Austin SEO consultant we analyze the backlink profiles of your top competitors to see where they are getting backlinks from. We filter out the spammy & useless links and focus on the high-quality opportunities in San Marcos & Austin Tx SEO. This can take quite some time, but we believe the effort is well worth it to increase your business’ appearance in a given search result.

Authoritative Backlinks

Once we have a list, we start sifting through for places where we can obtain high-authority backlinks to your site. Sites such as Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google AdWords are all great places to start as well as various social media sites and other digital marketing agency sites. This technique allows us to discover what is working in order to mimic and, eventually, outperform other Austin SEO companies such as Regex SEO, Insignia SEO, Dallas SEO, or Thrive Internet Marketing Agency in on page and off page SEO.

Your Business’s Online Presence Matters. We Can Help You Improve Yours

Monthly Report Illustration

Regular Reports to Evaluate Progress

By utilizing analytics, an SEO specialist at tekRESCUE can track how long visitors spend on your site, where they go while on your site, and how much your traffic is increasing as your website moves up the rankings in the search engines. tekRESCUE’s Austin SEO agency takes the time to evaluate and discuss with you how well the SEO campaign is going. It’s crucial to keep in mind that long-term positive rank gains can take a while to achieve, and it’s important to be patient. tekRESCUE is the best San Marcos and Austin SEO company to choose for your SEO in San Marcos, Austin, Texas and beyond!

No Shady Tactics

Blackhat & shady tactics can often rank sites much quicker, but it’s only a matter of time until sites optimized by this kind of SEO agency are penalized by search engines. This kind of SEO service can actually hurt your business rankings in the long run. tekRESCUE is a Whitehat SEO consultant so you can rest easy knowing we do not take shady shortcuts.

Slow & Steady

We believe that slow & steady wins the race when it comes to local Austin SEO and San Marcos SEO… Turning your site into an authority in your SEO Austin and San Marcos markets doesn’t happen overnight, but instead takes months and months of continual effort by a San Marcos or Austin SEO expert; an SEO Campaign is a marathon, not a sprint.

Targeted Visitors

The effort is well worth it because when all is said and done, more targeted visitors will see your site, which in turn can lead to more calls & sales for your business as a result of your Austin SEO service for a long time to come. The best part about your SEO efforts is that they stay with you and continue to bring traffic to your website.

Why tekRESCUE?

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We strive to create the best SEO campaigns for every client so they stay ahead of their competitors. All of our campaigns are customized based on each customer’s industry, keyword research and budget. Our goal is to help you grow your business by using proven SEO techniques and building a strong online presence. We also provide Austin Tx with Web Design services, and tech support services including remote computer repair, data recovery, website hosting and management, cloud computing, cybersecurity etc.

We have helped many companies in central Texas grow through our keyword research, technical SEO, and internet marketing efforts. tekRESCUE helps small businesses and other organizations achieve their online goals with our SEO services. Whether you are looking to rank your website higher in Google, reach new markets through social media, or improve your email marketing, tekRESCUE has the tools you need to succeed. Our team of experts offers a variety of affordable packages that can be tailored to meet your needs. Get started today by contacting us!

Don’t Take Our Word for It

5 star ratingThe tekRESCUE team is knowledgeable and honest and friendly. They have helped me a ton with search engine optimization, reviews, and my computers. Highly recommended.
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Check out TekRESCUE to assist with your website creation, search engine optimization, and IT support services. Randy is amazing and will be helpful with you computer needs.
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Randy and his team became our Web Design/Hosting , SEO (search engine optimization) and email hosting this past year. We are excited about our new web site and the results we've seen in a short period of time from the SEO side of web searches. They are professional, respond quickly and have excellent ideas on optimizing our web site for maximum exposure. Looking to our future and glad we made the change to TekRescue.
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