Russian Gang Amasses Over a Billion Internet Passwords

This is really disturbing. If you don’t use a random password generator it’s time to start. We use LastPass at tekRESCUE. It’s important to use a different password for each site too.


From Drudge via the New York Times:

How To Share and Collaborate With Google Calendar on Web, iPhone and Android


Here’s a great article about using a shared Google Calendar in your office. Google Calendar is what we use for all of our scheduling at tekRESCUE.


From Drippler:

Five Computer Security Myths, Debunked by Experts


From Life Hacker. A really good article for the average user to read.


Stop Facebook From Using Your Web History for Ad Targeting


Facebook has announced that it’s going to make ads better by tracking your web and app browsing habits. Here’s how to opt out.

Not Receiving All of Your iMessages? Here’s How to Fix That

This happened to me! Not very fun. I suggest just not using iMessage at all but it’s OK if you still want to.


Breaking News: IE Exploit Found

From Redmond Pie:

Major Internet Explorer Security Flaw Patched By Microsoft, Including Windows XP

Now would be a really good time to perform Windows Updates. It’s another good reason to use Chrome or Firefox too.


Top 10 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Laptop

Windows XP is retiring in April. A lot of people are asking us how to repurpose an old laptop. Here are some things you can do with that old XP (or Windows Vista) laptop.


One of our favorite articles.

Come see us at our new office location sometime: 102 Suttles Avenue. San Marcos, TX 78666.

50 Siri Voice Commands To Help You Get The Most From Apple’s Voice Assistant [VIDEO] | Redmond Pie

So much to learn. Hope this helps :)


Home Support Contracts – New for 2014

New for 2014… only 9 left.

Protect your home or small business PC (restrictions apply) for 2014. Unlimited Virus and malware removals, Tune-ups and support. You bring it in as needed, no extra charge. We come to you for a $49 on site service charge. Includes Anti-virus software. Contact us to sign up.

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Amazon to Roll Out 1 Hour Shipping Via Drones

Yes yes yes! At tekRESCUE, we have always been big fans of Amazon. While working on a network repair or a malware removal, we often need parts… The sooner the better. We can’t wait for one hour drone delivery!

Check out this article on The Verge: