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Managed It Services – tekRESCUE

At tekRESCUE, we help manage your IT services to improve efficiency, manage cyber risks, reduce costs, and ensure your employees have the tools to flourish.

Our goal is to help your business run as smoothly as possible. We know that technology is great when it works, but any hiccups can cause productivity to come to a screeching halt. What is the cost if your servers go down, even for an hour? If your business isn’t in the IT field, you probably don’t want to be bothered with servers, switches, or applications–you just want everything to work, and stay secure, so business can continue as usual.

Many small businesses find themselves managing their own IT infrastructure without in-house IT staff. Having a separate department dedicated solely to IT setup and maintenance can be costly. That’s where a Managed Service Provider comes in.

We often see small businesses struggling, not because of their business model, but because their IT setup doesn’t allow them to be as productive as they could be. They need Managed IT Services!

Doctors, lawyers, massage therapists, etc.–no matter what profession or industry you’re in, IT most likely plays a large part in your day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, we often see small businesses struggling, not because of their business model, but because their IT setup doesn’t allow them to be as productive as they could be. Higher productivity often leads to happier clients & customers, and higher PROFITS.

At tekRESCUE, we can help manage your IT infrastructure in order to improve efficiency, reduce cybersecurity risks, and ensure your employees have what they need to flourish. Our goal is to offer our managed services and peace of mind at a fixed monthly fee. tekRESCUE has the technology to proactively monitor and manage your systems, frequently preventing problems before they impact your business.

Some Benefits of Our Managed IT Services

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24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring

It’s not a matter of if you will be hit, but WHEN. Manage your cyber risks. Be ready.

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Easy to Budget

Fixed IT support costs allow you to easily plan & budget your expenses

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Lower Operation Costs

Save on operational costs with a predictable monthly fee

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Improve Efficiency

Operational efficiency will increase as we manage your network and technology

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Increase Productivity

The less technical difficulties your business experiences, the more productive your employees can be

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Remote Office Support

Cost-effective solutions to support remote offices

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Firewall & Web Filtering

Prevention is the best cure. Protect your users from the latest security threats

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Virus & Malware Protection

Your network will be protected against malicious internet threats. If anything slips through, we’ll be there to take care of it

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Reliable Technicians

Our team of IT technicians can handle any issues that may arise

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Flexible Agreements

Every business has different needs, so our Service Level Agreements are crafted to fit your needs, goals, & budget

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Vendor Management

We will be a single point-of-contact to manage all of your IT vendors

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Priority Support

Our team of world-class, certified IT technicians and engineers can handle issues across any platform

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Why Choose tekRESCUE?

tekRESCUE helps small and medium sized businesses get more from their IT infrastructure by providing a range of managed IT services designed to keep things running smoothly and boost business productivity. We offer a variety of services, from installation and facilitation to remote and on-site system management, tekRESCUE is here for you every step of the way.

There are a lot of variables to factor in when determining the setup that is best for your business. We work with you to discuss your current system and offer suggestions and ideas on how to improve when necessary. We go over important questions, such as:


Should you stick with your existing system, or update?


Should you consider decommissioning your system and outsource the entire department?


Should your system be kept in-house, or moved to a data center?


Do you want your staff to be the primary management, or have the partner do everything?

A good managed IT service provider can provide the consultation, design and execution you need to achieve your goals. IT Managed Services should provide your business with the following benefits:

Predictable IT Costs

When you know what you’re going to pay ahead of time, it makes budgeting a breeze.

Proactive System Monitoring & Management

When you have problems with technology, business productivity tends to slip, or come to a grinding halt in worst-case scenarios. It’s important that the propert tools and software are in place to identify outages and issues so that the issues can be rectified quickly.

Evening the Score

Many large companies enjoy the luxury of high-quality resources thanks to an in-house IT staff. Managed Services allow small and medium-sized businesses to have access to these same resources.

Vendor Management

If you’ve ever needed to deal with software licenses, upgrades, and support, you know what a hassle it can be. Let us handle the headache for you, so you can get back to focusing on running and growing your business.

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Managed IT Services – tekRESCUE

  • Are you ready to face cyber attacks when they reach your business?
  • Does your business have its own servers and IT infrastructure already?
  • Would you like predictable IT costs?
  • Would you like to get out of the IT business or outsource your IT needs?

If you answered yes to the above questions, tekRESCUE’s IT Managed Services could be a great fit for your business!

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IT Hosted/Cloud Managed Services

  • Does your business currently not have IT infrastructure?
  • Does your business have older infrastructure that they do not want to spend the capital to upgrade?
  • Would you like to have all of your business IT needs delivered as a service?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, tekRESCUE’s IT Cloud Managed Services could be the best choice for your business.

If you spend more time thinking about or worrying about technology than the business the technology infrastructure is supposed to support, it is time to make a change. Technology should be an enabler for any business.

tekRESCUE can manage your entire infrastructure for you or host everything in their data center and provide everything as a service might be a path worth considering.

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The End-User Experience is Everything to Us

With Managed IT Services, the End User Experience is everything! If the experience on your end is sub-optimal or productivity decreases, it’s hard to determine if you’re actually saving money by having a professional IT company manage your environment and systems.

tekRESCUE creates great end user experiences that make employees measurably more productive for the companies they work for. Our goal is to utilize the necessary tools and leverage our experience with helping small and mid-sized businesses by providing you with a direct correlation between employee productivity and your IT investment.

Our Professional IT Services include NIST based Cybersecurity Services, Managed IT Services, Hosted IT Services, Cloud Services, Mobile Device Management, IT Consulting, and Virtual Desktop (VDI) services.

Contact Us for More Information about our Managed IT Services. We’re a full service IT provider serving Austin, Kyle, New Braunfels, and the Central Texas area.

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