How to Create Your Own Customized Version of Android with Xposed

BYOD or bust: How bad tech is costing companies – CNBC

Does your company allow employees to bring their own device?!


13-inch MacBook Air 2013 On OS X Mavericks Offers Users 15 Hours Of Battery Life | Redmond Pie

From Redmond Pie. The new OS isn’t much of an update… But the gains in battery life make it well worth the trouble.


Windows 8.1: Here’s What’s New

From Redmond Pie

Windows 8.1 is out! Free Upgrade for 8 Users

Download Windows 8.1 Final Version For Free Now! | Redmond Pie

iPhone 5c Meets .50 Cal Rifle; Filmed On iPhone 5s In Slo-Mo! [VIDEO] | Redmond Pie

Technology meets a .50 caliber rifle. The kind of stuff we like at tekRESCUE.


Security of Java takes a dangerous turn for the worse, experts say | Ars Technica

Big reasons to keep your java updated or to not even use it at all.!

Facebook joins domestic violence prevention group in publishing guide to help protect against abuse

Interesting. Check it out.

Download the Windows 8.1 Preview Now

How To Take Care of Your Smartphone Battery the Right Way

Really good article about batteries on smartphones.