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Break/ Fix it IT vs. Managed Services IT: Which is the Best Choice for your Business? Tips from your Austin Texas Managed IT Services Provider

Modern businesses must efficiently empower employees with the right technology and data at the right time. They shift from traditional IT departments to a new model that connects people and processes. Let’s learn more about these two services and which suits your business: Break/ Fix IT services vs. managed services.

What is Break/Fix IT Service?

Break/Fix is a type of IT service where a company is outsourced to repair hardware or software issues on-site. Once the problem is resolved, the company will take its equipment back. If more severe issues are encountered, the solution provider may choose to replace hardware or software. In some cases, this may require additional investment by the client. Break/Fix services are cost-efficient when minor issues can be resolved quickly, such as a malware infection, computer password reset, or data recovery. Break/Fix services are excellent for businesses with a small IT staff, working with sensitive data, or needing to comply with industry regulations.

What is Managed Service?

A managed IT services solution is a long-term partnership where a provider manages your technology and data. The company will handle everything from installation and maintenance to upgrades and repairs. Managed service providers (MSP) employ a proactive approach to technology management that keeps your systems running smoothly without investing additional staff. Managed services are an excellent option for organizations that want to focus on their core business, reduce risk and be more sustainable. Managed service providers can help you improve efficiency, save money and achieve better results. The provider can also identify and fix issues before they become costly problems.

Key Differences Between Break/Fix and Managed Services

Let’s review the key differences between break/fix and managed services. There are three main differences between the two that business owners should consider when making their IT service provider selection. They include:


Break/Fix services require you to outsource your IT needs and invest in costly equipment to manage them. Managed services, on the other hand, operate on a “pay as you go” model. You pay a monthly fee for a managed service rather than buying and maintaining your equipment.


Break/fix services can be rigid because they often come with data ownership, service level agreements, and long-term contracts. With managed services, providers can quickly adapt to your needs since they have control of your data and systems.


Break/fix services are short-term, often lasting for a few months. With managed services, you have a long-term relationship with your provider. There are no fixed contracts, so you can scale your services when you need and end them when you don’t.

Which is Better For Your Business?

Break/fix vs. managed services is a choice every business owner must make regarding their IT service provider. Both services offer significant advantages, but the managed service is usually more suitable for most businesses. Managed services are more scalable, flexible, and affordable than break/fix services. Managed services provide more long-term benefits such as automation, security, and sustainability. Those businesses looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency should consider a managed service. You might want to try a different approach if you’re currently outsourcing your IT. Why not outsource your IT instead?


You have two options for your IT service provider: break/fix or managed services. Break/fix services are an excellent solution for businesses with a small IT staff. On the other hand, managed service providers employ a proactive approach to technology management. They can help you achieve better results, reduce risk and be more sustainable. If you are interested in Managed IT Companies in San Marcos TX or Managed IT in Austin TX for your business, give tekRESCUE a call or visit our website to learn more.

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