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New Year’s Cybersecurity Resolutions Every Small Business Should Make Business IT Support in Austin, TX and San Marcos, Texas

Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of business today, especially if you use and place a lot of data on computers and networks. If you are not careful with your data, it can end up being a bad prospect for your business. In the spirit of the new year, take this time to review your organization’s cybersecurity and make goals to improve it in 2021. Here are a few simple suggestions you can start with.

Up Your Password Game

This might be one of the simplest but most important steps in cybersecurity. Passwords ensure that anyone who is not authorized cannot access company computers, accounts, or networks and gain access to any data inside. While it may be a difficult process to change the passwords of accounts that multiple employees use, it’s important to go through all passwords used by your organization to make sure they’re both strong and unique. This ensures that even if a data breach occurs and one password is compromised, all other company logins will remain safe. It’s strongly advised that you consider using a password manager to help with this process.

Back up your data

Backing up your data means having separate storage for it such that even when your main units become damaged or compromised, you can be able to retrieve it for other uses. There are many ways of backing up data, including using hardware such as hard disks or rented server space. There is also the option of using modern methods such as a cloud hosting service. The main advantage of having a backup for your data is that you are protected from data loss. If hackers access your data and destroy or corrupt it, you can always retrieve it and continue with your business.

Secure Your WIFI Networks

Many businesses today big or small use WIFI networks for running their businesses. WIFI is important for communication, marketing and all sorts of other business operations. However, WIFI has provided yet another opportunity for hackers and other malicious actors to access company devices and data. A secure password is one of the first steps towards a secure WIFI network. If you or your employees happen to carry a laptop home or to a café for work, ensure that you have your own WIFI hotspot. Avoid free WIFI networks at all costs, as it is often a ploy to get data from computers that access the network.

Use Antivirus Software

Good antivirus software is a must-have for any device used to access company data, be it a laptop or a phone. Antivirus software offers protection that, among other things, keeps malicious software from a device. There are many ways a virus can get into company devices. Some of them include opening links from fishy sites or emails, using flash disks that contain viruses, and downloading items from unlicensed sites. Viruses can sometimes cause irreversible damage, which is why an antivirus is an indispensable addition. Try to find antivirus software from a licensed and trusted provider. If possible, get a subscription for one as it affords you additional benefits such as network monitoring and automatic software updates.

Train Your Staff

A business is only as good as its employees. No matter the number of employees you have, training them on simple cybersecurity measures can go a long way. This can include training on setting up and changing passwords of devices, networks and accounts; updating the antivirus software; detecting phishing links and more. Their personal responsibility reflects on that of the business.

Find IT Support in Austin, TX

Cybersecurity plays an important role in the safety of data, which is an essential and valuable part of any business today. Our San Marcos IT companies can help ensure you take the simple steps that will keep both your personal and business data safe. Contact us for IT support in Austin, TX or San Marcos, TX today!

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