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Your Business Is A Target For Hackers

Your business—that’s right, yours—is a target for hackers. Any business without appropriate network security and digital protection in place is a target. If you don’t think your business has anything a hacker would want, think again. Any entity or organization that keeps records, financial or identifying, has information worth stealing.

Choose to protect your business from cybersecurity threats today.

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Take Steps To Protect Your Business Now

Did you know that your business could be fined for a data breach? Cybersecurity attacks are financially devastating and cost you the trust of your customers as well as revenue. More than half of businesses that experience a data breach do not survive longer than a year after the breach. The best way to prevent being one of them is to protect your business now.

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Step One: Find A Cybersecurity Company

tekRESCUE’s cyberRESCUE division uses standards set by NIST to provide the highest degree of security to the businesses we work with. Our company is both NIST and HIPAA compliant. We provide cybersecurity for businesses large and small everywhere from Dallas to San Antonio—many that you’ve probably been to personally. See some recommendations from businesses we’ve worked with below:

TekRescue is the place to go for managed IT, commercial IT, and social media management for small business in the Greater San Marcos Area.
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Step Two: Take A Risk Assessment

Not really sure that your business is at risk of cyberattacks? Get a risk assessment performed by a professional security technician who can test just how secure your business is against cybercriminals.

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Step Three: Get Protection

When you get cybersecurity services through tekRESCUE your business will be protected by experts adhering to the highest industry standards set by NIST. Below is an example of the type of security techniques you’ll be protected by:

Identification Of Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity experts work with your business to determine who has access to information, and what access individuals have access to. We help institute new or updated policies and procedures for anyone who has access to sensitive information that will help bring attention to weaknesses, determine consequences of non-compliance, and lay out immediate steps to take in the event of a potential breach.

Protection For Your Information And Network

Our experts take steps to ensure that your business information is protected. This includes installing firewalls to protect your network, securing wireless access points, encrypting data, and more. In addition, we can recommend training for your employees that will teach them how to avoid the errors that commonly cause breaches. We’ll also recommend ways to limit all but necessary interaction with data.

Detection Of Threats Before They Hurt Your Business

Being proactive when it comes to monitoring potential threats is an integral part of cybersecurity. We install and maintain anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and other tools that prevent hackers from exploiting your system. We patch operating systems and applications as updates become available. Our experts also monitor logs that flag suspicious activity on your network so action can be taken immediately when anomalies are detected.

Responses For Security Incidents

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Our cybersecurity team will help your business develop a plan to follow in the event of an incident. Businesses that react faster to potential breaches are much more likely to minimize the effects of the breach. A predetermined plan lets businesses take action to secure their data faster. We also institute disaster recovery plans for incidents that have the potential to cause massive data loss.

Disaster Recovery Protection

We provide full disaster recovery plans. This includes full backups of business data on initial setup and incremental backups on a continuous basis so that the entirety of your business information is always protected in the event of a disaster incurring data loss. Disaster situations can be caused by hackers, but also human error or technology malfunctions. Disaster recovery plans significantly reduce business downtime in these situations.

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The Value of Cybersecurity

Improving your cybersecurity is an investment into the future of your business. Below is a comparison of the cost of not implementing cybersecurity practices for your business contrasted against what you stand to gain when you choose to protect your business with cyberRESCUE:

The Costs of Neglect

The risk of fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations like those specified in HIPAA.

The constant risk of a data breach that could cost your business millions in fines, settlements, and lost customer trust.

The loss of time staff must spend trying to learn network monitoring and other security measures they aren’t familiar with.

No warning when a data breach occurs, potentially leading to the exposure of business data for days before the breach is noticed.

A panicked rush to try to limit your losses after a breach that gets worse with every second of inaction.

Complete loss of data in the event of a disaster, including a breach by hackers, technology malfunctions, or human error.

The Benefits of Protection

Assistance updating your business technology to be NIST and/or HIPAA compliant now and during business growth.

A professional evaluation of your cybersecurity vulnerabilities and a plan for coping with them.

Protection for your business including firewalls, encryption, and security resources to help educate your staff on better digital hygiene practices.

Proactive threat detection, network monitoring, and updates and security patches for apps and operating systems.

Guaranteed response time for security incidents. Seconds count when you have a breach and quick responses minimize the damage done.

Continuous backups to protect your business data and comprehensive disaster recovery plans for occurrences of data loss. Have your business back up in hours or minutes instead of days.

Choose to protect your business from cybersecurity threats today.



An Information Technology (IT) company based in San Marcos, tekRESCUE serves all of Central Texas from DFW to San Antonio and beyond. Our purpose is to simplify your technology. Our tekRESCUE PROTECT division’s mission is to help businesses succeed by providing protection from the ever growing threat of data breaches.

Over half of the businesses affected by data breaches are considered small businesses. After a breach many of these businesses do not stay in business for more than a year. Protect the future of your business today and give your business the security it needs.

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