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Finding Career Options In The Technology Industry

”What do you want to be when you grow up?” We’ve all heard this question at one time in our lives, and finding the answer can seem overwhelming. As a kid you may have dreamed of becoming an astronaut, a sports player, or even president. However, as you learn new things, you may gravitate toward other careers that pique your interest, such as those in the technology industry.

What is IT?

There are many different areas of the technology industry to be interested in, from becoming an expert IT technician to learning programming and more. Each different career niche has its own preferred range of skills, experience, certifications, and formal degrees. Some job seekers may be able to get into the field with minimum qualifications and learn as they go. However, candidates with formal degrees and experience are often preferred over others, and advancement of any kind usually requires these stipulations.

IT Technician

”Computer Repair” can mean a lot of things. In general, this refers to information technology (IT) work. Duties that IT technicians perform might include repairing hardware, such as replacing a device’s hard drive or adding RAM to a computer. In addition, IT maintenance can include network configuration, such as server setup, router setup, or setting up localized networks. Plenty of diagnostic tasks can also come across an IT technician’s desk, such as troubleshooting broken computers and hardware, and even software on occasion.


Another aspect of working in the technology industry is programming. Programming careers focus on all aspects of software. Programmers can expect to create new software, to modify new or existing software to work with existing hardware, and even to use software to create new programs and products. Such products might include web and mobile applications (apps), computer programs, plugins for browsers or existing applications, programming websites, and everything in between.

SEO Specialist

An additional field in the technology industry that you might be considering is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an aspect of digital marketing that focuses on optimizing websites with the goal of raising those websites’ ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO specialists can expect to take on a variety of tasks. These might include designing websites, troubleshooting technical errors on the site, analyzing site performance, optimizing site content, raising domain authority, and more.

What Education Do I Need?

If you decide to pursue a career in the technology industry, earning a relevant degree will boost your chances of landing a position. For those considering work as an IT technician, a degree in Computer Information Systems is often favored. If you’re more interested in programming, then a degree in Computer Science might be more beneficial. Think you’d be better suited to SEO? A degree in Information Technology would be beneficial, but degrees in Marketing or Communications are often accepted as well.

What Experience Do I Need?

While degrees are helpful, certifications can also be useful to those getting into the technology industry. Certifications are usually less costly to acquire than a degree from a university, and they teach specific knowledge in their niche. In addition to certifications, building experience is one of the most valued items for a IT resume. Working as an intern adds great experience. Designing your own projects and creating a portfolio to showcase your work can also help beginners break into careers in the technology industry.

Where Can I Find IT Jobs?

If you’re interested in a career as an IT technician, it’s good to know where to look. Most large companies and offices require at least some IT maintenance. Business owners can either hire their own in-house IT team, or take advantage of an outside IT management firm like tekRESCUE. For small to mid-sized companies, hiring a local IT management firm is often a more practical option. It gives the company the ability to call a technician in for emergencies without having to maintain a full time IT staff.

For more information about working in the technology industry, contact tekRESCUE, an IT Management company in San Marcos, TX.

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