Being Healthy at Work

One of tekRESCUE’s core values is to encourage it’s employees toward healthy lifestyles. Being healthy at work can help an employee enjoy all of their life more completely. On a regular basis we have initiatives to encourage this. Our latest is a 1-month initiative called “Health @ Work”. Through this initiative, employees will be eligible for up to 2 hours of paid time for exercising outside of their regular work times. Basically, they will get paid to be more healthy!

Starting July 1st and going until the end of the month, employees will track their workouts through the app STRAVA and will complete up to 2 hours a week broken down into at least 4 workouts of at least 30 minutes each. For our employees’ time spent working out, tekRESCUE will pay them up to 2  hours at their regular hourly pay each week. At the end of July, the eligible employee that has submitted the most workout time through Strava (up to 2 hours a week) will be eligible for an additional bonus.

We would love your thoughts on this.
Leave us a note or stop by our office during regular office hours and tell us what you think! We are located at 102 Suttles, San Marcos, TX 78666. Happy exercising!

Health at work program
Health at work program

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