5 Keys to Local SEO

Every year, SEO (search engine optimization) becomes more intricate. As Google and the other leading search engines add in more factors and change the weight of importance, it can be difficult to know exactly what methods are best. However, over...
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Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Website Yourself

With so many free DIY website building platforms on the market today, it’s pretty tempting to save a bit of money and tackle the task yourself. While it’s not a terrible idea, especially if you’re strapped for cash, there are...
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Can Your PC Handle the Upgrade to Windows 10?

With Windows 10 coming out at the end of the month, we decided we’d take a few minutes to discuss whether or not your computer can handle it. Current users of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are eligible for a...
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3 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks Without Guest Posting

Getting outside links to your site isn’t the most important thing about Search Engine Optimization, but it definately seems to help. Here is a great article with a ton of cool ideas for ways to get those links. Randy From...
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Why we use WordPress

At tekRESCUE, we use the WordPress framework for a lot of our simple to medium complexity websites. We can also write code from scratch or use other frameworks such as Drupal or Bootstrap, especially Bootstrap. Did I mention we also love...
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5 Million Online Passwords Leaked, Check Yours Now!

Recently, over 5 million passwords from Google were stolen then leaked online. You need to check and see if yours was one of them! Use the tool below to do this. Randy Tool to check if your password was one of...
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Your iCloud Account is SO Easy to Hack

Your iCloud account is freakishly easy to hack. You really need to read this. Randy http://mashable.com/2014/09/04/i-hacked-my-own-icloud-account/
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Russian Gang Amasses Over a Billion Internet Passwords

This is really disturbing. If you don’t use a random password generator it’s time to start. We use LastPass at tekRESCUE. It’s important to use a different password for each site too. From Drudge via the New York Times: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/08/06/technology/russian-gang-said-to-amass-more-than-a-billion-stolen-internet-credentials.html?referrer=
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How To Share and Collaborate With Google Calendar on Web, iPhone and Android

Here’s a great article about using a shared Google Calendar in your office. Google Calendar is what we use for all of our scheduling at tekRESCUE. Randy From Drippler: http://drippler.com/updates/share/how-share-and-collaborate-google-calendar-web-iphone-and-android
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Five Computer Security Myths, Debunked by Experts

From Life Hacker. A really good article for the average user to read. Randy http://lifehacker.com/five-computer-security-myths-debunked-by-experts-1602290081
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