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The Importance of Only Using Licensed Software

Businesses have to remain agile and change at a moment’s notice. Keeping up with the times and incorporating new technology is critical for staying afloat in this competitive industry. At the same time, software is a crucial component of any successful organization. It can make or break the organization’s success or failure. Your business software needs to be up to date, secure, and provide all the functions that the business requires. Here we will focus on the importance of choosing licensed software.

Protection Against Cyber Security Threats

Data loss is a significant concern for small businesses. It could cause the demise of your company and the loss of thousands of dollars of profit. If a hack occurs and you are using an unlicensed program, you risk having your entire system compromised. Reliable software that is updated regularly and has the latest security protocols installed is crucial to keep your information safe. Cybercriminals go out of their way to find a gap in your program’s security so they can steal valuable data. Licensed software will keep you ahead of the curve regarding cyber security.

Ensures Software Quality

Correct and stable functions must be included in the software package that is being purchased. The software should meet all the business requirements, as well as personal needs. During development, designated quality assurance employees should test and approve the operating software code. This review will ensure its compatibility with other programs, security, and usability.

If your organization purchases licensed software, you can be sure that various computer techs have approved the software—it’s high quality. Software that has not been tested or approved may have hidden flaws that jeopardize the business’s operations. The security and stability of these programs must be beyond doubt before they are used in any activities.

Better Customer Service

Companies dealing with licensed software providers can access a wide range of customer service options. These services can be accessed via the internet and telephone, which means that you have direct access to the developers of these software programs. The support options include a customer knowledge base and a ticket system for tracking and resolving issues. This ensures that customers are well taken care of.

Companies who develop licensed software must provide their clients with quick solutions to any problems they may face with the computer or software program they purchased. When you need support, answers, and advice, these customer service reps are there to help you.

Unlicensed Software Is Illegal

The software industry is very competitive. You can face a lawsuit if your company uses an illegal program. You would have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees and hire an excellent lawyer to help you fight it out in court. Intellectual property laws require you to pay a license fee if you want to benefit from someone else’s invention. Software companies have spent significant amounts of time and money to create new programs, and they need to protect that investment.

Key Takeaway

When choosing the right software, seek the advice of someone familiar with the industry. If your computer system is running slow, or you’re having difficulty installing a new program version, it’s probably time to install a reliable licensed program. A knowledgeable IT professional can help you choose an affordable solution that will get you up and running quickly.

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