Website Onboarding Questionnaire Let’s Build Something Great Together!

Who's the best person in your organization for our team to reach out to? We'll be in touch to schedule a follow-up meeting.

Upload your business' logo here in JPG, PNG or EPS format.

Are you a fan of realistic imagery, illustrations, digital art or is there another type of imagery you would like to see on your site?

What are some possible colors you envision for your site?

Do you have a preference in fonts used? We can use any Google font (

If you have an existing site, how attached are you to the current color scheme, and are you open to new ideas?

Are there any specific things you'd like to see present in the imagery on your site?

In terms of design, what are your style preferences? Check all that apply.

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Do you have any example websites that you feel would represent your business well? We can take general inspiration from websites or particular elements.


Does your in-house team plan to make additions or edits to the website once it's finished? Do you work with any additional parties who will need access to the website to make changes?

For parties who need access to edit the website, is there a preferred WordPress-based building tool we should use?

Do you have any text copy you want us to include on the website, or do you plan to write the text yourself? If not, tekRESCUE can write all text copy if we're given some information about your business and services.

Are there any special features or functions your website needs to perform?

List all industries or business sectors your company services.

Upload any photos of your business or team if you'd like to feature them on your new website—team member headshots, action shots, office shots, etc. Add as many images as you'd like!

Add links to any of your business' social media profiles you'd like to feature on your website.