Windows XP Expiration

Windows XP has expired. Technical assistance for Windows XP is no longer be available from Microsoft, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP on this date. tekRESCUE will help as long as possible. 

What does this mean?

No new security updates, non-security stability or compatibility fixes will be available. Microsoft will end its technical support, and will stop updating documentation. Windows XP expiration DOES NOT mean that XP will stop functioning. It just means no more security risks will be fixed. At first, you will be fine… but it will become riskier as time goes by.

How will I be affected?

It is important to understand the risk of using an unsupported operating system. Hackers WILL find new security vulnerabilities and when they do Microsoft will not release any support or patches to block these threats. Staying with Windows XP you will risk having your personal information compromised and valuable data lost forever.

What should I do?

The best thing to do is upgrade your operating system to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Unfortunately not all Windows XP machines will be able to support the newer operating systems, also you will notice a significant decrease in performance. If your machine does not meet the requirements of a newer OS, then it is time to retire the machine. Do not risk having your computer compromised.

At tekRESCUE we can provide you with the help you need transitioning to a safe and secure environment. We can help you with upgrading your OS, transferring your data, or even helping you decide the most reliable computer to best fit your needs.

Please fill out our Contact Form and we will contact you. Or, if you like,  stop by our office during regular office hours and we can talk about it. We are located at 3413 Hunter Road, Suite A, San Marcos, TX 78666.