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Could Cell Phones Replace Laptops?

The Modern Cellphone

The modern cellphone is more powerful than the supercomputers and desktops from the last decade. They provide benefits not found with laptops such as bio-metric security and a longer lasting battery. The new laptops running Windows 10 will feature the same processor as the top of the line cellphones. This means the cellphone is running the same operating system used by desktops. 

The Cloud 

The processor used for smartphones enables faster connectivity and lengthens the battery life even further. This adds credibility to the idea that a smartphone may replace desktops in the future. The idea is not new but the products available have never entered the mainstream. This means in order for cellphones to replace desktops cloud integration is required. The idea is to use a specialized keyboard for the desktop with a smartphone dock, peripheral storage, an HDMI monitor port and a mouse USB port. The smartphone connection needs to be a Type C. The keyboard accommodates the peripherals and the smartphone functions as the CPU by connecting to the keyboard. This is a sound concept and means cellphones can potentially replace desktops. 

The Current Available Products 

There is currently a a product called the Samsung Dex. This is a dock enabling select Samsung phones to be used as desktop PC’s. All the major ports are provided in addition to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard connectivity. The Huawei Mate 10 provides a PC mode without the need for a dock. The phone connects to the monitor using a cable. The connection for the mouse and keyboard are wireless. The PC mode is completely functional and the cellphone retains the ability to make and receive phone calls. The PadPone was created to power a tablet by dropping into a slot. The Sentio Superbook laptop plugs into a smartphone then uses it as the CPU. The Continuum from Microsoft uses a Windows smartphone as a desktop and runs Windows and Excel. 

Smartphones Replacing Laptops 

The potential for cellphones to replace desktop operating systems is excellent. The always connected PC’s have laid the groundwork for cellphones and desktops running on the same chipset. There are some issues that must be addressed before this becomes not only possible but commonplace. Windows 10 must be able to run on Android phones, the iPhone X must be able to run macOS and Android phones must be able to support Android apps while in desktop mode. The good news is all of this is possible. One of the biggest issues is Microsoft does not want Android phones to run Windows or iMac or MacBooks to be replaced by iPhones. Google does want Android phones to be used as a Chromebook. 

The Future Potential 

According to the executives at Microsoft they are working on reinventing cellphones as opposed to coming up with another new model. There are rumors regarding Windows 10 being used to run mobile processors and replacing desktops. There is no way to be certain when cellphones will replace desktops, but the chances are excellent they will at some point in the not too distant future.

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