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CyberSecurity Practices for HIPAA Compliance Insight from Your Experts on Managed IT Services in San Marcos

What IS HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA was created in 1996. It is a series of regulatory standards to outline protected health information or PHI. The Department of Health and Human Services are the ones who oversee the regulations and are enforced by the Office for Civil Rights.

HIPAA sets the national protection standards. This includes such information as medical records and other patient information. All the covered entities that created, maintained and received the personal medical records are covered as well. All the security measures are closely followed at all times. Business associates that deal with the PHIs or ePHIs are covered by HIPAA compliance as well.

Here are some general rules for the HIPAA Compliance.

  • HIPAA Policy Rule, which sets the national standard of the patient’s rights.
  • HIPAA Security Rule, which sets the national standard for the security of maintenance, transmission and handling of electronic protected health information.
  • HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, which sets the standards that businesses who breach PHI data.
  • HIPAA Omnibus Rule, which was an addendum added to enhance the business associates.

What HIPAA Compliance Means

A business is considered to be HIPAA compliant if they have the technical, network and physical security measures in place. The technical security enforces access control with authorized-only access to protected medical records. The network security focuses on securing all data transmitting methods, which stops any unauthorized access to electronic medical records. The physical security enforces limited access through electronically protected health information.

This standard can be upheld by certified web development team members and certified technicians. These teams ensure that the high-security standards of the HIPAA are withheld. They comply with the standards for accessing protected private health information and understand the technical safeguard of the security rules of the HIPAA.

HIPAA Compliant IT Services

The location services of the HIPAA Compliant IT are detailed. With local businesses, the first part of HIPAA Compliant IT is server setup. There will be routine scheduled maintenance of the systems with the professionals. They will also be there for unplanned maintenance and computer repairs as well. The local businesses will always have ongoing support for their securities.

There are remote services as well. Clients can get computer repair, online devices and service it by the professional offices. They can offer a worldwide service with certified technicians. They will ensure the data is protected and grant authorization.

HIPAA Compliant Web Development Services

The HIPAA Compliant web design and development services will help in all aspects of a company website. The technicians will build the website from the ground up with a user-friendly focus. They make sure that the website’s image is modern and has a responsive mobile design. Having an improved online presence and up-to-date information allows for business growth.

Top Cybersecurity Practices

  • Loss Prevention and Data Protection
  • Incident Response
  • Cybersecurity Policies
  • Medical Device Security
  • Access Management
  • Asset Management
  • Network Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Endpoint Protection Systems
  • E-Mail Protection Systems

More Tips from Your San Marcos Managed IT Services Team

If your business or medical practice works with sensitive information and you’re looking to improve your security practices, we would recommend starting with our guide to becoming a HIPAA compliant facility. Your organization may also benefit from our general recommendations on improving network security practices. As always, don’t hesitate to consult with tekRESCUE’s San Marcos TX managed IT team to make sure your business is HIPAA compliant!

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