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Keeping Your Devices Secure in 2020 From your small business cyber security company

With today’s technology, device safety is very important. People are resorting to online banking due to it becoming easy and quick. Personal information can be subject to theft. Unfortunately, it’s easier to gain access to your information remotely. That is why your devices should be protected and secure from online attacks. Overall, mobile devices are pretty safe. However, there are some cases of hackers getting through security measures and accessing your information. Since we are in 2020 now, let’s look over some ways to truly protect your devices.

Overall Security

Many people still keep their phones unlocked. Realistically, this isn’t a good idea. People lose their phones all the time, and with that comes the possibility of someone looking through your phone. Since your phone might have banking apps or popular shopping apps that have access to your banking information, you’ll want to make sure your phone is locked fully. You can use a number pin or a password, but even more secure are fingerprints or face scans. Those are the top levels of security you can apply to your device.

Use the Official App Store

Some people may overlook this, but it is important for your device. With the Andriod Play Store and Apple’s App Store, you can be sure your device will be protected most of the time. In some unique cases-some apps have been known to have viruses and malware. That isn’t so much the case anymore, due to both app stores locking down on suspicious applications. There are ways of downloading apps from third parties. Doing so might put your device at risk since you’re downloading it from an unknown source. So, be careful downloading apps that are not on the official app store.

Use Security Software

Almost everyone has a smartphone in today’s world-and with smartphones-you can download security applications from the app store. Security applications work the same way your anti-virus software does for your computer. It protects your device from unwanted, suspicious activity and can be downloaded easily through the app store.

Updates and Patches

Security updates roll out on mobile devices regularly. That adds safety measures for devices. You can see this happening a lot with both Andriod and Apple. A lot of the time people won’t update, but that’s important to the overall security for the device. Since new security means are being implemented into the update, updating to the new security update is important for protection.

Concerning Texts

Sometimes, scammers or hackers have been known to send text messages that contain an infected link. That is why you should be careful opening random links from people you don’t know. Concerning that, avoid answering any email or text messages that seem unusual in any small way.

2020 and Beyond

We are in the era of technology. Thieves can access information easier than one might think. Try to avoid downloading uncertain applications from unknown sources and only stick to the official app store. Devices are now remarkably secure with the fingerprint scanners and face scanners-use those to your benefit. Lastly, be wary of suspicious texts or emails-and never click on links within them. If you’re cautious while using your device, you shouldn’t come across any issues, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy all the internet has to offer.

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