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[INFOGRAPHIC] – Paid Traffic Sources

We are big fans of SEO, but sometimes the desired results can take a while to achieve (especially in competitive markets and industries where you’re up against a lot of competitors with well-established web presences), so sometimes it’s a good idea to run some paid traffic campaigns for more instantaneous results.

The first paid traffic source most people think of is usually Google AdWords. While this is a great source of traffic, it’s often expensive. It’s crucial to choose the right keywords so you don’t wind up paying $10-20+ per click (though you can make those keywords profitable too with some work).

We’ve compiled a list of several high-quality paid traffic sources where you can quickly set up targeted campaigns, along with a few pros and cons for each. We hope you enjoy! If you find it useful, please feel free to share it on your social media platform(s) of choice!

Of course, when you drive paid traffic, it’s wise to properly track your campaigns to ensure you’re getting leads/phone calls/sales. It’s also a good idea to drive visitors to a landing page instead of directly to your site so you can quickly ask for action, instead of letting them wander around and leave without leaving contact info, making a purchase, or calling you for more information.

If you need help setting up a paid traffic campaign, give tekRESCUE a call to discuss your needs! We can discuss keyword targeting, geolocation targeting, budgeting, and more. We can also help craft landing pages for your campaigns, set up funnels, and more.

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