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New Customer Intake On Your Website Part 1

One of the top reasons to have a business website is to gain new clients. There are a variety of ways to do so, such as using your website to offer interesting, educational content to your potential clients. It’s also important to maintain an up to date “About Us” section on your website, including information about your business, your team, and in some cases highlighting past projects. However, once potential clients are interested in your products or services, you need a method to ensure that they can provide their information in order to take the next step in becoming a client.

Make Contact Simple

An important part of seizing customer intake opportunities is making it easy for potential clients to contact you. There are several different methods that can be used. The most common is the “Contact Us” box. Many websites maximize the use of their contact details by having one page dedicated to contact information, and many link to that page available throughout the site. The actual presentation of information can be done in a variety of ways:

  • List Your Information: One method is to simply list your company’s information so that potential clients can use it to contact you at their leisure. Contact information should include your business address (if you have a physical location), preferred phone number, and an email that is checked regularly.
  • Contact Box: Another method is to include a way for potential customers to contact you through the contact page. This has the extra benefit of letting you, the business, decide what information you require from the customer, instead of depending on them to provide it. Many contact boxes include space for client name, email, phone, and a way to specify what their query is in reference to.
  • Pop-Up Chat Box:If you want to go a little further than just your website’s contact page, consider using a pop-up chat box. There are many versions of these available online, and they can be made to appear on any page of your site. These chat boxes commonly prompt customers to input their query, and provide their contact information.

The Importance of Follow-Ups

No matter which method of making contact with potential customers that you use, it will only be effective if you ensure that there is a follow-up to the lead. Make sure that whatever contact information you provide to potential clients goes to a regularly monitored source. If you provide a contact form or pop-up chat for customers to enter their information into, make sure that information is delivered to an email that is monitored daily. If you provide a phone number as a method of contact, ensure that it goes to a number that someone is available to answer during all business hours.

For businesses with multiple service branches, more than one person may need to be involved in follow-ups. In this case, a way to expedite the process is to send customer queries to the appropriate departments. When using a contact form or pop-up chat on your website, this can be done by having customers qualify their question or problem. For instance, queries submitted to an IT Management company might need to be submitted to separate business departments, such as to a Graphic Design department, or to a Computer Repair department. If you do not use a contact form and simply provide information for customers to contact you, make sure that those answering phone calls and emails are aware of where to direct potential clients in order to have their questions answered.

For more information about maximizing new customer intake, or to request a consultation, contact tekRESCUE, located in San Marcos, TX.

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