Salesforce: Improving Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce: Improving Customer Relationship Management

Today we will be going over Salesforce which, while containing a lot of project management features, is truly a customer relationship manager. Its basic features allow for task management, contact and lead sorting and assigning, email templates, and other basic features. The more advanced plans have app development, marketing campaigns, lead generation, analytics, and more.


This is one of the most commonly known and used applications for CRM and project management. Salesforce, as its name implies, is mainly focused on sales-based businesses. Its features and unique services revolve around gaining, monitoring, and closing leads. Salesforce still has the ability to assign tasks and handle other basic needs, but a lot of its power comes from its management and analytics of users’ marketing efforts.

Social Attributes

Salesforce users can post social media content, and from there monitor interactions, replies, engagement, and click-throughs. Users can also send email-blasts with customized content, and from there monitor how many people view the message and actually click on the links included. The customization part is meant to encourage the ability to cater to targeted demographics through content, but the analytics will be able to provide users with actual data to help decide which content to focus on.

Utilizing A/B Testing

A vital part of the decision process should be A/B testing. A/B testing is performed by running two similar ads and determining which one gets more results. Since every customer gained from these efforts can be assigned a history, Salesforce users can actively monitor what they purchase as well. Similar to that, there are a few additional features for project management and assigning tasks. Users can assign an agent to do targeted marketing to other businesses in the area, and then have every customer gained from those efforts assigned to the task to be handled by that agent.

Data Entry

This may all seem like a lot of data entry, but regardless of how much or how little technology solutions you utilize to run your business, most companies will still have either agents or management manually input invoice data. By entering the information when it is received as a lead, users can utilize that same customer card to track later interactions and later the possible sale. That information can be used to directly create an invoice.

Turning Leads into Sales

Salesforces handles turning leads into sales in a few different ways. Users can load quotes and offer pages and include listings and products in the emails sent. From there, Salesforce users can monitor if consumers have opened and viewed the messages, and can offer consumers more information about moving forward. Salesforce can also handle scheduling appointments for various clients if necessary.

Mobile Application Abilities

Another of Salesforce’s unique features is the ability to make a mobile application for customers. This process doesn’t require any knowledge of coding, and can be used for quite a few different projects. Users are not going to be able to create anything overly advanced, but for basic actions, like displaying information and pricing, answering questions, providing information and resources, and providing a means of contact inside your app, Salesforce covers all the bases.

Our discussion regarding the use and benefits of Salesforce will continue in our next article. For more information today, contact tekRESCUE, located in San Marcos, TX.

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