SEO Trends of 2019

SEO Trends of 2019

With the implementation of mobile first indexing in google and the rise of voice activated devices, there are several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trends to look out for in 2019. Reaching your targeted audience will need to focus on more than just keywords and advertising in search engines. People in today’s society are more in a rush than ten years ago. Back then, everyone was using their computer to search things. People are using their phones to shop while taking walks, asking Siri for ingredients for a cake while in the kitchen baking, or asking Alexa to turn off the lights when they go to bed. People are eager to use technology and taking into consideration the audience and how they will use technology is a strategy to use when implementing SEO.

Voice Recognition is Changing How We Search

Many people have started using their voice for search inquiries. If you think about it, people aren’t going to be using their voice in the same way they would search using a computer or mobile device. Many times people will only type in the minimum amount of words to get results on a search, especially if using a mobile phone. For example, if someone is wanting to get coffee in San Marcos, they might search ‘coffee shops in San Marcos’.

Now, say that out loud. You might get some strange looks from anyone nearby, although your cat might not mind. The point is, people don’t talk like they search. Because of this, sites that are more likely to be searched for using voice technology should focus on key phrases instead of just keywords. Typically, voice searches are looking to have what, how, when, or where questions answers, so adding these words to your SEO will increase traffic for voice searches.

Amazon is (Still) Changing How We Shop

Another trend to look into is to have sites that are selling a product be advertised or sell through Amazon.  Statistics show that over half of shoppers in the United States go to Amazon before any other site when making a purchase.  Half of the people that went shopping at other places and didn’t make an initial purchase check Amazon for price comparison.  If you don’t include Amazon in your SEO strategy, there is a chance that half the consumers won’t even see your product if using a search engine like Google.

Advanced Geo-Targeting is Changing How We Find Things

Another trend that is growing is local search geo-targeting.  Usually when someone searches a location, the address will be displayed.  Advanced geo-targeting focuses on displaying more than just the address and will include cross streets, extensions to common contacts in a larger corporation, and other nearby locations.

Another way geo-targeting is advancing for people who are searching for stores with an item in stock. Basic searches will show what stores are nearby, and the only way to check if it is in stock is by clicking the link to the store.  Using geo-targeting in your SEO strategy allows the user to see what store has what they are looking for available without having to do an additional search.

These trends are just a few of the ways SEO is advancing in 2019.  Taking these things into consideration when implementing SEO could help increase traffic and keep the customer happy.

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