Trello: Task Management For Small Business Projects

Trello: Task Management For Small Business Projects

Among all of the previous options we have examined, with the exception of Slack (which is more communication than strictly Task Management), Trello will be the simplest and most pre-equipped program to handle the running and management of company projects.

Ease of Use

Trello is an example of a lightweight Task Management application. For some companies, it may be difficult to transfer from traditional pen and paper management to an online management system. Trello is focused on ease of use, and it doesn’t require an entire suite of features for maximum efficiency.

Trello’s Card System

Trello makes use of what it calls a “card” system for Project Management. Essentially, users can make columns of categories for different aspects of the business, and then create cards within those categories for the different aspects of each category. So, you might have separate categories for employees, ongoing projects, billing, and general items. You can create cards under each column, and then remove them when they are no longer needed.

Card Sub-Categories

With the proper labeling, users can actually convey a lot of information using this system. For employees, you may have separate cards for training material, hours worked, requested days off, etc. For ongoing projects (or support tickets), keep in mind that the most recent card will appear at the top. You can also assign specific employees to a specific card and control the privacy of the cards.

Distinguishing Cards

Another useful aspect of the card system is its ease of organization. For example, you may have a card for the company’s blog, one for company’s virus removal, and a card for the company’s training material creation. Users can even color code the labels to reflect information for separate brands or companies. For example, all cards pertaining to one company might be colored red, so if anyone wants to search for things related to that company, they just click the red label, and alternate companies can be assigned another color. This way, you can easily differentiate between projects. You can also assign a specific employee to each project, and when you click a card, see all related notes on the specific task the card represents.

Potential Limits

Trello is a very simple tool, and though it is used by quite a few larger companies, trying to manage a hundred contracts using Trello would likely prove a bit complicated. It should be noted that a set of columns and cards are dedicated to just one “board.” It is possible to have multiple boards, possibly one for each project, each with its own columns and cards, but once again the ease of use limits the functionality at times. This can be a great tool for the individual or the small team working on one specific thing, but managing an entire corporate empire with Trello would likely prove challenging.


Trello does offer a free version, but is regularly $10 for the Business Version and $20 for the Enterprise Version. The main difference between the Business and Enterprise versions is that the Enterprise Version has a lot more security put in place, including 2-factor authentication (meaning you need a password and a working mobile that will send a code to you), and encryption. The main difference between the free version and the Business Version is the amount of storage space they give you and the amount of customization and privacy available between various boards.

If you would like more information about Task Management programs, contact tekRESCUE, located in San Marcos, TX.

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