Worketc: Enhancing Project Management Application

WORKetc: Enhancing Project Management Application

Today continues our ongoing series on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management software options by taking a look at the benefits of WORKetc.

Tickets and Billing

WORKetc is a great example of a fully functional CRM program. Some of its most useful features involve tracking tickets and billing. The program has a built in help desk for your website that immediately creates a ticket on the WORKetc app, which can then be categorized, either as a general ticket, or assigned to one specific client. WORKetc also offers billing features, for example, every time you enter a field note you have the option to enter in your time spent. From there, you can use those hours spent to create an invoice that will auto-populate with the relevant data and be ready to send to the customer, and track payment afterward.

Project Management

Another important feature offered is the projects feature. Each created project can be assigned to an existing client, so that when it comes time to send an invoice there is no need to work out the details of the project. This is especially useful because in reality, any one project is rarely just one task. Most projects require multiple tasks to reach completion for the success of the project as a whole.

For example, if you are building a house for someone, you can’t just assign “Build House.” There is a lot more than that one overarching task that goes into the project, usually in the form of several sub-tasks. Keeping track of the many sub-tasks involved in a project can be a challenge, which is why WORKetc’s projects feature is so valuable. Using this feature throughout a project enables users to keep track of all of their notes, all of the assigned tasks, logged hours totals, and all of the materials used in one organized and easily accessible space.

Customer Growth

You can see how having a process for Project Management and completion makes it easier to run a business. In addition to its Project Management features, WORKetc can also track leads on potential sales and buyers, and all of your employees can clock in from the available app, so payroll will also be simplified. Being able to have one centralized app for this means that you can take on growth and new customers without slowing down.

Enhance, Not Replace

Keep in mind that if you already have someone or something that handles payroll, someone that handles invoicing, someone for handling sales leads, etc, you don’t have to replace those positions with a program, which could cause confusion. You can use as many or as few of the WORKetc features as you want. Many companies already have outside firms handling accounting and payroll, and may prefer to use WORKetc specifically for handling customer support tickets and for the management of ones that come in.


Pricing starts at $78 for 2 users maximum for the most basic package that is mainly limited to task management. For a few more features, the usual cost is around $195/mo with 3 users included (each extra user + $49/mo), and $395 for 3 users for the full package, including website integration, and an additional $59/mo for each extra user.

If you would like more information about CRM and Project Management programs, contact tekRESCUE, located in San Marcos, TX

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