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What is an SSL Certificate? From your SEO & Web Design Company Serving Austin TX

SSL certificates are small files filled with a cryptographic key and are bound to the details of a larger organization. It is installed on a web server which in turn activates a padlock so then people are able to open secure connections from web servers to different browsers. SSL certificates are typically used to create security for credit card transactions, allow data to be transferred securely, and logins to be more secure than usual, especially on social media sites. Additionally, SSL certificated bind information together such as domain names, server names, and hostnames to a company name, also known as the organizational identity.

In order for a business’s web server and browsers to be totally secure, it must first install an SSL certificate. Once installed, the certificate will establish a secure connection so that all the web traffic of visiting people. This way the web server and web browser are completely secure. You will know that the installation was successful when the beginning of your website name “HTTP” chances to “HTTPS”, with the S standing for Secure.

How Do SSL Certificates Work?

SSL Certificates are installed through the use of something known as public key cryptography. Public key cryptography uses a long string of random numbers. One of the key numbers is known as the private key and the other is known as the public key. The public key can be seen on your server and your public domain so everyone can see it. In essence, this means that people will be able to send messages or complete payments over the computer and hackers can intercept the message but will be unable to hack it. All they will be able to see is a cryptographic code which will be completely unbreakable.

Why should businesses look into getting an SSL Certificate

Every established business that has any sensitive information, take information from their clients, or who accepts payments should definitely consider getting an SSL Certificate. Below are all of the reasons why a business should consider getting an SSL Certificate and all of the work that it can do for your business in return:

  • Protects your sensitive information and client sensitive information
  • Keeps server data secure
  • Boosts Google rankings
  • Creates more trust between business and customer
  • gives a business better conversion

Where can a business buy an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates can be bought from a well-known Certificate Authority. There is a long list of very trusted CA root certificates where you can get one. In order to know whether certificate authority is trustworthy or not, you must look for a root certificate on the user’s machine. If it has this, then you can proceed if it does not then your browser will automatically show an untrusted error message. Knowing this will help gain confidence in the website and in your organization and keep major consumers from losing confidence in your business.

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