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Why You Need An MSP For IT Services In Austin (Updated May 2020)

One of the biggest shifts in business has been the move towards a managed service provider. An MSP is a company that is hired on to remotely monitor a business’s IT infrastructure and to often manage other aspects of their online presence. Though most companies large and small do have their own IT departments, the benefits of hiring a managed service provider has caused the industry to grow by hundreds of billions of dollars. If you own or run a business, consider the services that could be offered through an MSP that might help your business to grow!

Improves In-House IT Services in Austin

The majority of companies that work with managed service providers are not doing so to replace their own IT operations, but instead they are reinforcing it. Typically, the work of the MSP allows the in-house IT operations to focus more on the creative and strategic projects that pertain to the growth of that business specifically. Most IT operations for small to mid-sized businesses often fall on just one or two people, causing them to often be overwhelmed with keeping up with the basic maintenance needed to keep a modern day business afloat and secure. By outsourcing this role, your IT department is able to focus on what really matters for the growth of your company.

Maximize IT Budget

Hiring a managed service provider is one of those investments that you very quickly see the financial benefits from. Even compared to hiring more IT personal alone, a basic MSP package is likely already a more affordable option when you take into account salary, workspace, and benefits. When you start factoring in the various equipment and programs needed to adequately manage the ever changing technology for your company, the weight of the IT budget often starts to become a problem for many companies. This is one of the reasons why many IT departments are so burdened and overwhelmed. By bringing on a managed service provider, you are not only giving some relief to your current IT operations, but you are able to redistribute part of that initial IT budget to other aspects of your business!

Maximize Security

Technology is a beautiful beast that has allowed for so much growth for businesses, but it is still a beast nonetheless. Often times, once you start experiencing the symptoms of a system vulnerability on the user end, your IT structure is already in bad shape. One of the major benefits of a MSP is the proactive aspect of the security services. Managed service providers take it upon themselves to be aware of the new vulnerabilities and tricks hackers are using to infiltrate your system, and they can often dissolve any detected issues before it has the opportunity to slow down operations for your business. Time is money, and a managed service provider’s goal is to save you and your business both! Also, it’s best not to leave issue like security to amateurs.

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UPDATED: 5-6-2020 to reflect changes in the Industry.

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