5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for RankBrain

5 Tips For Optimizing Your Website For RankBrain

RankBrain is a Google component that is designed to predict the behavior of users through an AI software that learns from historical data of users. RankBrain helps Google make sense of the millions of daily intricate queries that are submitted by users all over the world. Since artificial intelligence is the backbone of the Google Search engine, some details of a website can impact the ranking of the website. To help you optimize your website for RankBrain, considering using the tips discussed below.

Use Meta Description and Meaningful Titles

The first thing users see in Google search results is a page title. The title has to be clear, impressive, and it has to describe to the user the objective of the website page content. For best optimization, ensure that the title does not have too many keywords. The page title should help in ranking the main keyword, and it should also be attractive enough to make users click on it. Your website also gains rank from higher CTR (Click Through Rate – to learn more, visit our previous blog), and it stands out in search results. A great meta description will improve the CTR and user engagement.

Use Simple, Natural Language

The primary role of RankBrain is to process the search query of Google and match it to highly relevant pages. You have to write the content of your web page in an understandable language that is conversational enough for people. The best optimizeable content for RankBrain is the one that is perfectly natural, and therefore more useful to potential readers.

Add Rich Snippet and Schema Markup

Search Engine Optimization is usually keen on small things. To stand out in SERP results, you’ll need an impressive meta description, simple, clear web content, and a rich snippet. This will help your site to appear at the top part of the results page. When schema markup is added to your website, SERP page displays will be improved by adding rich snippets that will be present below the page title, the way meta descriptions appear. When rich snippet is used, the data that is published and the star rating can be added. Your audience will know what your page is about using the schema markup used by the search engine.

Avoid Using Too Many Keywords

Keywords are important for ranking websites, but that doesn’t mean that you need very many keywords. Avoid stuffing your website with too many keywords. Keyword stuffing can damage your SEO instead of helping to improve it. To optimize your website, you need to write fresh content that is crisp and easy to read, not stuffed with keywords.

Allow Only Quality Back-Links

Quality back-links will help improve your ranking. Add back-links that are from trusted or relevant websites. The links need to be related to the product and useful to the audience. You can use different techniques like social bookmarking, link exchange, and press release to get quality back-links. Avoid using manipulative SEO practice of getting back-links, as this can damage your site’s ranking.

In Addition…

To optimize for RankBrain, you need to be creative. The number of mobile users is increasing. Voice search is growing and meeting the needs of the audience has become a priority in SEO content. Your meta description, page title, and page content need to be meaningful and meet the needs of the audience. You need to understand the needs of your customers by understanding their perspective. Simple language, fresh content, and long tail keywords will help your site rank improve. It may take some time, but it is possible to optimize for RankBrain.

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