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7 Tips every Windows 10 user should know

As a Windows 10 user, you are probably familiar with the most basic concepts behind the new navigation and design; however, if you have yet to really dive deep into the OS then you may be missing out on some powerful features. If you can learn these seven tips that every Windows 10 user should know, you will find that your productivity will increase making it possible to increase your workload, work flow, and your ability to work smarter.

  • #1 – Screenshot Power
    Every Windows 10 user should know how to take a basic screenshot by using the buttons Windows + Prt Scn or Alt + Prt Scn on their keyboard. However, if you use the new Windows 10 Snipping Tool you can not only capture the standard full screenshot but also capture specific aspect ratios or draw your own rectangle to capture just what you need.
  • #2 – Cortana
    If you haven’t yet worked with Cortana, you need to start now. You can talk to Cortana like you would to an actual person and get help with everything from your calendar to directions and even help finding your latest download. This is a great feature for people who are less tech-savvy and need help finding items on their computer or for people who simply want to be more efficient with their tasks.
  • #3 – Metro Start Screen
    Were you frustrated with the latest task bar? Do you want to go back to the Windows 8 Start screen? Now you can. Windows 10 gives you the option of using the old Windows 8 touch-friendly start screen. Although the start screen has been updated, the basic “click and go” aspect remains the same as does the colorful block design.
  • #4 – Battery Saver Mode
    When you set the new battery saver mode feature to “on” in Windows 10, it makes the mode turn on automatically. When your device reaches a battery level less than 20%,Windows 10 will automatically go into battery saving mode and help you stay powered up longer so you have more time to work.
  • #5 – Find My Device Feature
    You can use the Find My Device feature in Windows 10 to find your device. Set up your Windows 10 related device and choose the “Change” button found in the Update & Security section to “Save my device’s location periodically.” This will allow you to locate your device if it goes missing by reviewing the device’s last known location.
  • #6 – Edge Browser Can Now Cast Media
    With the new November Windows 10 update, the Edge browser can now cast the new media to Miracast, which can then play on your TV! You can cast Vimeo and YouTube videos easily but DRM-protected streams will not work such as Hulu and Netflix.
  • #7 – Schedule Updates and Restarts
    This may sound like a simple tip but the ability to schedule your update installation and you restarts means that you can choose a time when you are not actively using the Internet (such as while you are at work or while you are sleeping) to complete your updates. This means that your Internet connection never suffers and you don’t have to take a break from your screen when you are at home.

With these seven power tips there is no limit to the amount of work and personal tasks that you can quickly zip through with the new and improved Windows 10 OS.

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