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A Clean Inbox, is a Professional Inbox.

There is nothing more frustrating than an unorganized, messy, and overall hectic mailbox. At work or at home, the constant search for important emails can waste a good chuck of one’s time. Using these simple tips, anyone’s email can work like a well oiled machine.


The first tip is to create a folder for the most important “I can’t ever lose this” emails. Not only will this save time when looking for said emails, but it will also prevent deleting them by mistake. It might also be a good idea to create specific folders for specific things. Say someone at work always sends schedules through email, make a folder for it. This will make finding these emails and doing whatever it is that needs done. Furthermore, each client should always get their own folder. The last thing professionals want to do is mistake one email for another. After the folders have been created, remember to un-check the “important” button next to each email, keeping only the current affairs marked as important. This system of organizing should help to prevent any large mistakes.

Stop Deleting, Start Spamming

It can be very easy to just delete some junk mail and move on with the day, but why not just stop them at the source? This tip can be a bit tedious, but it’s one that can prevent some future annoyance. Getting into the habit of diving into an email and getting taken off of the mailing list is key. Every time that junk mail makes it through the spam filter, select several bits of mail and mark it as spam. Keep it up and soon enough the inbox will become much more manageable.

To-Do Lists

The most important file on anyone’s email should be the To-Do list. This tip will keep even the busiest and email flooded people on track, and it’s one of the easiest tips to get in the habit of. Every time that an email that has urgent instructions on it is received, send it right to the To-Do folder. Once there are four or five things in there, it begins to feel like a big deal. Seeing an empty mail box will be a reminder to check the To-Do list folder for instruction. If needed, even save a draft of even more specific instruction within the To-Do list folder.

Save Every Contact Known to Man

Before one even thinks about replying to an email, the first thing that should be done is to save the recipient’s email address into the contacts folder. Don’t always rely on remembering part of the email, or the person’s name because in a rush, it can be forgotten. Words do not take up much space to feel free to have a million contacts. Ranking those contacts might also be a good idea. Using a 1-100 naming system in front of the contacts first name could be a big help. Contacts that are always being contacted get a one in front and those who are never spoken to get a 100. This part is up the user, find a way to number them and prepare to be impressed.

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