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What Kind of Articles Should I Write for SEO? From your SEO Consultants in Austin Texas

There are a lot of complicated, behind the scenes stuff that goes on when trying to rank well with Google. There are things you can tinker with, exact keywords you can target, campaigns you can start, code you can implement, and more behind the scenes work that can get you to rank higher on Google. But all of that is changed the way it is and valued by Google for one reason: because they are trying to rank the highest quality websites first. At the end of the day, you can let us worry about the behind the scenes stuff, but one of the first and most important steps to take is to make sure that your website has good, quality content. And that is more than just a couple of pages about what you do and about your company.

That is a part of it, of course. All of it plays a role, and any original content is important. Having pictures can be good, as well as having unique code for tools, calculators, form submission boxes and other custom features help out with your ranking. But if you have quality content, you are going to be well off.

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is anything that informs people about either what you do, or what they need from you. And what quality content should you write about? Anything that a lot of people search for is great, but if you run a business, you probably already know what people are calling you about. And it is those questions that your blog posts should answer. You can also post your blog posts and articles to letter to the editors and guest writing spots online, which is a great opportunity for cross-promotion.

At the end of the day, what you do, what you know, and what your customers want and need are what you should write about. It may seem like a good idea to try to tackle advanced problems, and that in-depth content can be helpful. But what the best thing for you to write about, is the things that you already know. When you go outside of your field of expertise, that is when you start giving bad advice, and leading customers astray.

Originality & Consistency

As well, Google punishes those who copy content from other places. If you know about something, you can write all original thoughts and tips out without having to paraphrase from other places. The more you know, the better and more original your advice can be. As well, by writing what you know, you can show that you have an in-depth understanding of what companies need from your business.

It is important to be consistent with your posting. Pictures or infographics can be nice to break up the all text posts. Target keywords or areas of your business that you foresee as profit centers, but also post about things that may be barriers of entry to them using your business. When you help them solve those problems, that can free them up to support you.

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