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The Decline of Tradtional Advertisement, The Rise of Online Marketing

Imagine this scenario: A potential customer just finished a long day of work and is looking for a place to go out to eat with his friends, and maybe a place to grab some dessert afterwards. With the general population becoming increasingly more tech-savvy, how do you think they would find a place to eat? The answer is most likely a Google search, browsing through online directories, or an online advertisement they may have seen recently. Although there are obviously other forms of advertisement, they are rapidly declining in favor of internet-based ways of finding the goods and services we need. We’ll be taking a look at these new online forms of advertisement as well as the declining forms of traditional advertisement below.

The Decline of Traditional Advertisement

Traditional advertising includes the following:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Radio Stations
  • TV Programs

Traditional marketing is on the decline. The way people are consuming news, shows and movies, and music now is completely different from how they were doing so even a few years ago. What this means is that ways that advertisers have traditionally reached consumers are on the decline. Radio ads are increasingly being replaced by people using their own smartphone radio apps. TV ads are being replaced by online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

And news stations are increasingly focusing on their websites to ensure future profitability. Washington Post was widely known solely as a newspaper, and their future was widely expected to be grim. But they increased their focus on their blog and online news articles and are now doing great as a respected online media outlet. The New York Times have a similar story, but focused on online far sooner. Newspapers and print media that have stuck to physical publications, on the other hand, are in general steadily declining. The way in which businesses reach out to consumers, likewise, has changed rapidly.

The Rise of Online Marketing

This includes the following:

  • Online ads—Usage of Facebook, Twitter or Google depending on return on investment
  • Social media page and content management
  • Getting your business posted in all online directories
  • Maintaining a website
  • Maintaining a blog and submitting guest articles
  • Ranking well in online searches(SEO)
  • Craigslist, e-Commerce and Auction Sites
  • Posting job positions online

The difference? All of these things are on the rise. More consumers will use internet radio, online streaming services, and social media with each passing year. There will be more people looking online to find employment opportunities, using e-Commerce to purchase goods, and searching Google in general. The entire list includes marketing strategies that will only become more effective as time goes on. Year by year, while traditional marketing will be less effective, online marketing will only become more prolific.

Just a few years ago when people thought of directories, they thought of local publications and general listing companies like the Yellow Pages. But nowadays that means having your business represented on websites like Yelp, Google Plus, and many many more.

More than 80% of consumers use Google to find local businesses now, meaning when we want something we go straight to the search bar. The best way for a business to utilize these trends, then, is search engine optimization. You can use SEO to find blogs and articles, online directories, websites, e-Commerce postings, job positions and obviously more. With the right plan all of these things can exist symbiotically. Whether you learn it yourself or are self-taught, SEO can help. It’s a topic we’ve covered in this blog before; check out our article “Search Engine Optimization Demystified” for a primer if you’re new to the subject.

Integration, Not Replacement

Don’t view this article as a reason to completely stop using traditional marketing and switch to only using online marketing. Face-to-face interactions will always be necessary, and the best marketing strategy will utilize both to maximize effectiveness. But you can use this article as a basis to start your online marketing campaign and stay in the game going into the future.

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