Google's Knowledge Graph and Your SEO

Google’s Knowledge Graph and Your SEO

Anytime you search Google for a business, person or other information, on the far right is the top site with information about the search. This is Google’s Knowledge Graph. This includes everything from a short bio, the Wikipedia page, address and even social media. This is the most desirable search position for any company as it shows that they are the authority.

What Is Google Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph wants to be the source for the best of the best information. The Google Knowledge Graph takes in all of important meta description, keywords, content, title and subtitles and helps to determine whether you are an authority.

How do you get your business on the all important Google Knowledge Graph? Here are seven ways.

Wikipedia Site

This may be the toughest part of your Knowledge Graph mission: creating a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is infamously tough. They allow anyone to edit Wiki pages, but they do not allow them to make their own page. Creating a Wikipedia page is not something you can do yourself, and should you try to create your own page, you will be blacklisted.

You basically have to entice someone into creating a Wikipedia page. For example, your business needs to have many articles written about it, and those published pieces are the basis for the information in the Wiki page. They also demonstrate that if you are important enough to write news about, your business is important enough to create a Wikipedia page. This is a longer process, as persistence is key. Continue to promote your business, tally up many articles and wow someone into creating that all important page.


Google, Bing, Yahoo and Russian search engine Yandex have collaborated to create Schema. Schema was created to standardize listings across the board. Essentially Schema is microdata that helps machines determine what you are. Go to the site to tag your business information. This can include what sort of business you operate, events, members of the board, and products and watch your SEO rank.

Online Press Releases

Simply releasing a press release can help your business get in the news and establish your business as the authority. This is especially helpful if you are still unable to get into Wikipedia. Press releases can lead to news stories that can be used in Wikipedia. In addition, when the online articles link to your site, this creates valuable backlinks. This further gives your business high authority.

Local Listings

Besides creating a Google Plus page, listing your business online is the easiest way to get on the Google Knowledge Graph. Creating a page with your consistent address will help you rank in search results and get you on the Knowledge Graph. This means that if you should abbreviate anything with your address, from street to zip, it has to remain consistent for Google to consider you a superior source.

Submit your business listing to all possible sites including FourSquare, Bing Places and Yelp, in addition to Google’s sites such a Google My Business and Google Maps.

Social Media

Branding your business on Google Plus has always been key to ranking with Google Knowledge Graph, but it will be closing in August 2019. There is no indication on whether Google will decide to use YouTube, the second highest search engine, as the replacement. Your other social media also helps give your business high authority and should your site be on the Knowledge Graph, the icons and links to your social media will be part of that listing. As always, staying consistent in scheduling social media is a must.


Including blog posts with a variety of authors also gives your business high authority. Make sure to regularly post on your website, and always use best SEO practices.

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