Optimizing Google Business Page in Search Results

Optimizing Google Business Page in Search Results

The first thing to do when editing your Google Business page is to log in to your account. If you do not have access to the account, you can create a listing or claim an old one using the advice in this Google Article. You will want to edit photos, address, phone number, social media, and even things like menu or show times.



Selecting the cover photo can be important, as many times when people search you directly or search through general categories like “restaurants near me”, it is the first thing they see. So you will want to select a photo that quickly displays what you offer at your place of business. A bar should display their selection of liquor or draft beer, a billiards hall should show their pool tables, a pizza joint should select an appetizing food picture.

Address/Phone Number:

Selecting the address is as easy as asking Google to mail a confirmation code to the address selected, and having a robo-call dial your business number.

Social Media:

Put the major social media platforms you use that have the most relation to your business. If you are a restaurant or local business, just use Facebook, and maybe Twitter and Instagram. But if you are for example a recording studio you may want to use your SoundCloud. What you select will depend on your business.

Basics of “Schema”

How to Get Advanced Info on Google Results Page

Have you ever noticed how some businesses have the ability to see their menu on the Google Results page when you search “restaurant name + menu”? For example, Italian Garden Menu gives the categories (soup, salads, appetizers etc.) broken down and the options within each category in a tabbed menu screen without having to click on the website. Or some movie theaters you can search “movie theatre + movie times” and get all of the movies playing soon in a menu on the results page.

Using schema is a great way to quickly show information without the person having to click on your website. Some users will stick to the results page to quickly browse results. Using schema caters to the quick browse crowd. “Schema” isn’t just for restaurants or movie theaters, but can also be used for bowling alleys, lodging and hotels for availability, pricing and conference centers, parks, stores for products, pricing etc., service providers like contractors to say what they offer and the list goes on.

Implementing schema is difficult and requires coding knowledge, but isn’t overly difficult. Though tekRESCUE provides schema for its websites, these articles are for showing you the basics of doing it yourself. The resource page for schema is “schema.org/docs/documents.html”. Where your websites displays its menu if it’s a restaurant, is where you would want to place your markup, though it all changes depending on want to accomplish. But to begin browse the documentation page, and then use the search button to find what your establishment is. So search, for example, “hotels”, “food establishment” etc. The getting started page is located here, “schema.org/docs/gs.html”.

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