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Popular Website Design Trends in 2016

What are the popular website design trends for 2016? In years past, website design has changed dramatically. In fact, it has gone from something that provided a great deal of information in text form to something that is far more interactive, often to the point of extremes. For 2016, the most popular designs have a mixture of both of these extremes. The idea is to provide information quickly and concisely while simultaneously getting potential customers’ attention and then engaging their interests long enough to keep them looking at the website in order to find out what a particular company is offering. Above all, the website design has to be a functional one so more people can get the information they need without it taking too long to do so. It also has to be something that they can load quickly. Otherwise, they will probably never see the website itself because they will grow tired of waiting for it to load and will move on to a competitor’s website instead.

Getting Attention

Every website designer faces the same dilemma. They have to be able to get the attention of their potential audience. Otherwise, everything else is a moot point. It is virtually impossible to sell a good or a service unless they are able to draw potential customers in. Even for organizations that operate as nonprofits, it is still essential that they have an attention-getting website. If it doesn’t look attractive and professional, it is highly unlikely that anyone is really going to spend very much time looking at the website at all. Therefore, it has to be something that is able to grab the reader’s attention and draw them in as soon as they look at it.


Of course, just getting someone’s attention isn’t enough. Website designers are also tasked with creating something that will engage the reader long enough to allow them to know what a particular organization is all about. Whether they are looking at a nonprofit or a company that sells goods and services, the website must be engaging enough to prompt them to keep reading and keep looking at new links long enough for them to take the next step. For website designers, this is one of those jobs that usually sounds far easier than it actually is, as keeping someone’s attention can often be more difficult than getting it in the first place.


Despite the need to create a website that looks great and hold someone’s interest, website designers have to create something that is rather concise. When it comes to a website, most people have a tendency to have a rather short attention span. If the website is not designed in a concise manner, they usually lose interest and move on to something else. No one wants to look at a website that has very little information on it, nor do they want to look at one that has so much information and it’s going to take an hour to disseminate it all. Therefore, website designers have to strike a balance between the two.


Above all, any design that is popular will be functional. This should go without saying, but there is no website design that will ever become popular if it is too complicated to load quickly and be easy to read. This is one of the things that makes designing a popular website so difficult. The need to combine artistic inspiration with functionality can sometimes be exceptionally difficult. At times, these two ideals clash so completely that it is hard to find a balance in any capacity.


In closing, the most popular website design trends in 2016 will incorporate all of these things into a single entity. It is only then that all of the benefits of outstanding website design can truly be enjoyed. That is why it is so important that anyone in need of a website choose a high-quality website designer that has a comprehensive IT staff. That way, their website can be effectively designed and managed going forward.

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