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Tips to Improve Your Squeeze Pages

The squeeze pages you use for offers must be perfectly-executed if you wish to convert sales. There are six tips in this article, and the article explains how you may use each tip to your advantage. You will find yourself earning quite a bit more money when your squeeze pages have been fine-tuned for performance, and you will be pleasantly-surprised as you make more money than you ever have in the past.

#1: Offer Less

You must not convince yourself that offering the world to a customer converts sales. You must offer a tangible sum for a new program, but you should not give your customers too much. They will be happy with anything you offer, and you will save money as you reduce the amount you are giving away on each conversion.

#2: Ensure The Page Matches Your Ideals

You cannot create a squeeze page that looks nothing like something your business would create. Your customers will be a little more than confused, and you will find yourself apologizing for the poor design of the page. Your most ardent customers will complain about the sensational design, and those who have not shopped with you before will assume your squeeze page is a phishing attempt.

#3: Use Fewer Fields In Your Forms

You must not force new customers to fill out a form that is a mile long. Ask for the least amount of information possible, use that information to convert sales and you will instantly see more people asking for information. The form fields will turn off customers who do not have much time on their hands, and the forms will begin to get out of control if you have not handled them properly.

#4: Use Splash Pages

Splash pages are much more desirable than pop-ups, and they look much more attractive. Internet users hate pop-ups, but they will accept a dedicated page for your new campaign. They will be taken to a new page on your website when they arrive, but an attractive page will help convert sales as you have shown that you worked hard on it for the customer’s benefit. Create better splash pages to avoid pop-ups.

#5: Write A Better Call To Action

Your call to action must work into your reward. You cannot ask your customers to be happy with the idea of being your customer. You must speak to your customers about the reward that they are receiving, and you must speak of the reward often. Customers enjoy receiving rewards, and your emphasis on rewards will help convert sales that you would not have seen otherwise.

#6: Track Your Traffic

Your squeeze pages must have tracking attached. You must learn how many people visit the page, and you must subtract the number of forms you receive from the total number of visits. You will quickly learn how effective the page is, and you will avoid problems with a page that does not produce the results you were looking for.

The six tips here will help you create squeeze pages that truly convert sales. You need not waste your time with antiquated ideas of marketing. Graduate to something new and different with each of the six steps.

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