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The Importance of Google Cache for Optimal SEO

Website design is a vital part of any company’s business plan. The appearance of a website can relay information and emotions to the viewers. Unique designs, dazzling images, and professional displays can make or break a viewer’s first impressions; however, the fancy design of a website would mean nothing if viewers could not find the website in the first place.

Most people turn to Google.com when they are searching the internet for a service, product, or information. This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes into play. On a regular basis, Googlebots explore the internet, searching for terminology inputted by their users. This could be topics in recent news articles, the names of famous individuals, or even phrases relating to services or products. SEO is about using well organized phrases that would be searched for by potential viewers. This is why it is vital for businesses to use proper terminology on their websites.


This is where Google cache comes into play. ‘Cache’ is a term that, to put it simply, defines a snapshot of a web page. Computers and servers of all kinds store cache on their systems so that information can be pulled up quickly rather than having to be searched for all over again. After scanning a website, Googlebots store them as cache. This allows websites to be pulled up immediately in search results. How relevant the bot determined a page to be affects how high it appears on the list.

Something vital for businesses to know is that Googlebots only scan for pure text. Unique designs and fancy layouts go unseen by Googlebots. Rather, this technology only views the text laid out on the page: readable text, not coding. For this reason, it is important that businesses ensure that their websites are rich with content that Google considers significant: an illustration, for example, would be unseen, whereas a detailed paragraph would be scanned for valuable keywords.

Every business can easily check their Google cache at any time. A simple search of the business name will likely result in their website showing up fist. Beneath the title is the website’s URL, or address, is green. Next to this is a little green arrow, which will redirect to the most recent snapshot that was taken by the Googlebot. Something important to focus on is the option to view a “text-only version” of the website. This shows exactly what the Googlebot sees when searching the website.

Using Google cache is vital for every online business because it affects how relevant a website appears to Google. Having eye-catching illustrations and a stunning website design is important for keeping viewers on the page as long as possible; however, having well put together information and useful keywords is imperative to aid in the ability for users to find the website.

In order to ensure that a website remains relevant, simply do a Google search on a regular basis to check the cache date. Checking when the website was last cached can show whether or not Google considered it relevant during the most recent scan. The more recent the cache date, the better.

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