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5 Ways SEO Has Changed the Way We Develop Websites From your digital marketing and web design company in San Marcos, Texas

The age of online selling and finding whatever you need at your fingertips has caused a rush of people to the Internet to sell the products and services. With millions of new websites being developed, the field is getting a bit crowded. To even have a small amount of traffic to your website, you really have to stand apart from the crowd. Typing a word or phrase into your search box and hitting the enter button brings up a zillion sites, vying for your attention. Being selected from among many is the key to success on the Internet today. So what can you do to be selected?

In this article, we’ll be going over five things you can do to build your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1. Keywords

Research for the most popular keywords relating to your theme. Find the top keywords and build your webpage content around those keywords. It is important to keep in mind, that your content must be helpful and informative to the reader, as well. Keywords are important but keyword stuffing is not a good practice.

2. Quick Page Loading

This is another critical feature for good SEO practices. People searching the Internet are typically very impatient. They want to click on a site and have it appear in front of them immediately, if not sooner. Having too many attractions on your webpage can cause it to load slowly. Avoid this at all costs.

3. Mobilize your website

Mobile users are becoming the biggest Internet group these days. With Smartphones everywhere, people transact business and shop online while doing other things. No one sits idly at their kid’s baseball game or soccer game. They multi-task. Pay bills, buy shoes, clothes or groceries to have delivered by the time they get home. If you don’t mobilize your website, you will be missing out on over half the people in the world. Also, Google does not rank sites that are not mobilized as high, so your traffic will suffer for another important reason.

4. The user experience

User Experience is yet another important feature. If your navigational system is difficult to figure out, forget it. Users will leave your site in a heartbeat. Google will give you a lower ranking if your site is hard to use also. Web surfers want to easily zip through your pages to find what they are looking for. Make sure that it is easy for users to move from one place in your site to another with one click. It will help your overall site success.

5. Learn how to use the Google SEO tools

To stay on top of building your traffic, you need to learn how to use these tools to your advantage. Building traffic is not a passive activity now. You need to work on it continually. Some of the tools you need to understand include:

• Google Analytics

• Google Keyword Tool

• Search Console

• Page Insights

• Mobile Testing Tool

The areas discussed are not just ideas, but requirements for online business success.

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