SEO vs PPC explained by our web design and Austin SEO team

SEO vs PPC Marketing Insight from Your Digital Marketing and Austin Web Design Experts

Google has become the world’s largest network of information that we have ever seen. It’s no surprise that, in today’s modern world, google has also become the cornerstone of most successful businesses. If you are a business owner, your relationship with google and all of its online patrons can be the lifeblood to your success, so understanding the different types of marketing available to you is crucial.

SEO Marketing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is using your website and its contents to organically increase your google rating. Your google rating is established by how high up on the results page that your website appears when someone searches for your related goods or service. SEO is affected by several different aspects of your website, and by paying close attention to these details and being strategic, you will likely see an increase in online traffic. 

One of the biggest factors that affect your SEO is your usage of keywords on your website. Everything that you include on your site should be relevant and strategically described in order to connect online searches to your goods and services. Posting regularly consistent and related blogs on your site that are chalk full of keywords can greatly affect your SEO. On top of the actual content, SEO is now also moving to a more mobile friendly rating meaning that if your website is not smartphone friendly, then this will affect your rating greatly. You have to keep in mind that google has earned its place in society by staying ahead of the culture and forming trends, so for your business to be successful, you will need to have a similar mentality. 

PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing is quite different from SEO in many ways. If you are not sure what this is, you may have noticed PPC advertisements without realizing it. These are the links for businesses at the very top and very bottom of the google page before the regular search results appear. Underneath the headline is the actual website address with the word “ad” next to it. This is a pay per click advertisement. You pay for these ads only after someone clicks on them in their own search. These can also come in the form of google advertisements that appear on someone’s page after they have visited your website but didn’t purchase anything. This can help chase those clients that are still on the fence about their purchase by reminding them about you and your product. 

The Difference

One of the biggest differences between SEO and PPC is the time it takes to take effect. While SEO is a completely free process that does create organic results, it does take time and dedication to reach that high google ranking. PPC ads can thrust your site to the top of the page over night, but it will come at a cost. And keep in mind, your website still needs to be mobile friendly, user friendly, with related content and consistent good reviews!

More Insight from Your Digital Marketing and Austin Web Design Team

If you’re interested in more insight into the different types of digital marketing in Austin, we would recommend starting with our business branding guide. You may also be interested to learn how Google Ads work. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact your Austin web design team at tekRESCUE for a personalized consultation!

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