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Google has become one of the largest sources of information the world has ever seen. It is important to understand how Google collects all of that information and delivers it to internet users around the world. The following passages will provide information on how the process works. The first passage will summarize what Google’s Knowledge Graph is. Following up the next summary will explain what Google’s Knowledge Graph Card is. Finally the last passage will cover how internet users can get their information indexed into Google’s Knowledge Graph correctly. After reading this information internet users can understand how Google collects all of its information for billions to have access to.

What is Google’s Knowledge Graph?

Google’s Knowledge Graph is how Google users have access to orderly information on a specific person, place, or thing. Moreover it is an engine that collects and gathers information to present it in a card or box on the right side of the screen on a search engine results page (SERP). It organizes information on a specific person, place, or thing and presents it to users so they can get a good grasp of what the subject is or what it has to offer. Many millions of people pay and put a lot of hours into getting their businesses or information into the Google Knowledge Graph so it can be viewed by potential customers or clients. Many will notice a lot of doctor’s offices, lawyers, and companies utilize Google’s Knowledge Graph. Through the use of Google’s Knowledge Graph, many can understand information in a more orderly fashion.

What is Google’s Knowledge Graph Card?

Google’s Knowledge Graph Card has helped people understand subjects more rapidly than ever before. It is the card on the right side of the screen on a Google SERP. It will usually have pictures, videos, and snippets of all the information gathered on a specific subject. For example, if a movie was searched for on Google, the card would probably show the movie with its poster along with movie reviews and even showtimes depending on if it is in theaters or has a showtime coming up on cable television. As it has been presented, Google’s Knowledge Graph Cards provide all the important information individuals search for on a specific subject.

Get Information Indexed Into Google’s Knowledge Graph

It is very understandable that many people would want to learn how to get information into Google’s Knowledge Graph Card to help searchers understand the subject they are trying to index more clearly. One major factor when trying to index information in Google’s Knowledge Graph is having great content that utilizes search engine optimization, also known as SEO. To get information from a particular website into the graph individuals will need to have plenty of great written content starting with around 20 pages that each has 600 to 800 words containing specific keywords listed a certain number of times that revolves around the subject that is trying to be indexed. Individuals can also use other websites to assist in getting their content indexed properly, such as YouTube and Facebook that point back to the main website of the subject. The more great orderly content on a particular subject the more likely that information will be indexed properly into Google’s Knowledge Graph and have its on card.

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