Understand Your Google AdWords Quality Score

Understand Your Google AdWords Quality Score

Understand Your Google AdWords Quality Score

Most new users of Google AdWords often fail to understand the Quality Score formula. You need to know and understand the factors that help in the formulation of your Quality Score, how to optimize your account and achieve a good Quality Score. The system of Quality Score helps in determining the relevance of your keywords and ad copy in the search query. This system is assigned based on the keywords level but can also affect the overall ad group and the performance of your campaign.

Why do you need to care about Quality Score?

Quality Score is crucial because Google ranks keywords using three levels, which are Great, Okay, and Poor. These levels are also used with Cost per Click (CPC) bid to come up with the Ad Rank, which is the overall score. As such, a Great Quality Score would cost less than a Poor Quality Score if it was to rank in any competitive position. A Great Quality Score also earns you lower minimum CPC than a Poor Quality Score. In simpler terms, it may be the difference between bidding for $5 per click and $0.5 per click.

Some of the factors that affect your Quality Score include:
• The click-through rate (CTR)
• The relevance of every Keyword to its ad group
• Relevance and quality of your landing page
• Ad-text relevance
• History of your AdWords account performance

Advantages of improving your Google AdWords Quality Score

In any analysis of PPC accounts, you will find a correlation between the success of PPC and Quality Score. If you optimize your Scores, you will benefit from the return of investment because higher quality scores dissociate with a lower cost per conversion. Most importantly, you have to understand that cost per conversion is different from Cost per click. It is all about how much you pay when someone takes the action that you intended him or her to take.

While not every click culminates to a conversion, cost per conversion is usually higher than the cost per click. The idea is that if you have a higher Quality Score, you have a lower cost per conversion. The high-quality score is an indication from Google that your PPC ad meets the needs of your customers. If you are better at meeting these potential needs, Google will charge you less for the ad click.

Increasing your Google AdWords Quality Score

Quality Score determines the frequency and where your ad, will appear, you have to boost your ratings by maintaining consistency in your account. You can focus on the following areas to improve your Quality Score:
• Keyword research
Identify highly relevant keywords that are a good addition to your campaign. Consider long trail opportunities that will contribute to your overall traffic.
• Keyword organization
Your keywords can be separated into tight and organized groups making them more effective because they are tied to specific ad campaigns
• Refining your Ad-Text
You can test your PPC ad copy that is more individual-specific ad groups. Higher CTR results from ads that are more effective and is one of the nominal ways of improvi9ng your Quality Score.
• Optimize landing pages though best practices that create pages that directly connect with your add groups to provide an excellent experience to your visitors.
• Add Negative keywords by researching, identifying, and excluding irrelevant terms.

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