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The Role of Graphic Design in Web Development Web Design Companies in Austin, Tx

Visual design is an essential element of web development. The look and feel of a website play a big part in the overall experience for visitors. In order to create an innovative and captivating design, a designer must engage in the creative process in order to cultivate a direction that they would like the aesthetic of the website to go in. These are often called graphic designers.

Design is essential and an integral part of developing effective websites, whether for public use or internal organization purposes. Even though there are some similarities between designing for the web and traditional graphic design, some important distinctions are essential to understand.

Graphic Design vs Web Development

Graphic Designers have a lot of experience working with visual content and are trained to create designs that work well for the specific medium. They often design logos, advertisements, websites, or any other visuals related to marketing or branding. Graphic Designers often have at least some knowledge about coding; however, their focus is not on building things like web pages but rather the visuals that are put together on these pages.

On the other hand, Web Developers have a lot of experience working with code and are trained to create designs that work well within the constraints of HTML and CSS. They understand how this code fits together to create an interactive web application. This is why graphic designers are sometimes confused with web developers.

The Process of Website Development

There are many different steps involved in the process of building a website. If you have ever had to build or maintain a website, you may have followed these steps:

  • Conceptualize
  • Design
  • Coding (programming)
  • Testing
  • Launch

The Role of Graphic Design in Web Development:

The concept and layout are essential and should be thought out carefully. A Graphic Designer will use their creativity and knowledge to put together several initial concepts that the team can then vote on. These initial designs are not often taken directly, but they provide a good starting point for further discussion.

In Web Development, Graphic Designers typically work alongside Web Developers at an Austin Web Design Firm to take care of the first four steps. Then the website is launched.

Graphic Designers are involved with the conceptualization of website ideas and digital marketing in Austin. They understand what makes a website design stand out against the competition to help define product goals and strategies for websites.

Graphic Designers also take care of the design phase, which often involves creating wireframes and mockups of potential designs that get passed on to web developers to turn into reality.

After creating a unique design for your website, the graphic designer would then hand off their work to web developers responsible for coding the application. If there were any bugs or other problems with the design, that would make for it not being feasible with the tools the developers have to work with, it’s often up to the graphic designers to resolve these issues for the website to be built successfully.


Regardless of your experience with web development and visual design, it’s essential always to keep learning and growing as a developer or designer. There are various resources available for people interested in becoming graphic designers or working more on the technical side of web development.

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