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Top Reasons Why You Will Not Be Able to Recognize the Nature of SEO in 5 Years or Less

Marketers have one main goal in mind with SEO. The main goal is to constantly change the playbook. The game might not change. The rules do though. With each passing years there have already been some mass changes when it comes to SEO and the way marketers handle things.

Well, things are about to change in a very big way and here’s how!


About 60% of all users do their internet searching on their mobile devices. This we already know. Well, about 84% of all users use the app store for their browsing. Take a look some time at your local app store online. It reads like a Yahoo page did about 20 years ago. Due to this bit of knowledge, a better app store is about to be unleashed. This will change the way people search for things online. Instead of using the traditional searches, an app is going to be its replacement.


Well, your social networking and applications are about to change in a big way too. People are using services like Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat for content searches. All the things you can do with your Google search, it can now be done on places like Facebook and Twitter, even Instagram.

The other change on their social platforms involves the “no pass-through”. In the past, people and businesses have been able to walk away from things much more quickly, especially on things that are unrelated to what the want. This is not going to be the case as much anymore. This is where the “no pass-through” comes into play. People and businesses can get people to stay on their site much longer. This will help those sites who are not really given a fair shake. Some sites people just pass by, without knowing how they can be beneficial. Well, this is going to change.


This is one that many people have come to use and love all in one breathe. Most people like the idea of doing a voice search. It saves having to type everything out. As long as you speak clearly and plainly, your search will turn up the results you want, for the most part. Well, again, this is about to change too.

Is Siri leaving us? No, not exactly. However, there are other voice assistants who are being introduced into the mix. Microsoft and Apple, among other companies, are creating some new voice systems to help you out, especially for some of the more advanced searches.

New assistants like Alexa are making their debut. These assistants enable users to perform searches without the confinement of being at a desk or a mobile device. If you want to order something, Alexa can bring up your past orders and tell you how long it will take. She does this based on your history. Google will also be able to tell you how long a trip can take, without all the extra garbage that we get right now.

Remember the show “The Jetsons”? To say that our world is turning into this reality is not a mistake or fallacy. It’s happening. Are you ready for what the IT world has in store?

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