Why We Use Wordpress

Why we use WordPress

At tekRESCUE, we use the WordPress framework for a lot of our simple to medium complexity websites. We can also write code from scratch or use other frameworks such as Drupal or Bootstrap, especially Bootstrap. Did I mention we also love Bootstrap? But at the end of the day, we usually use WordPress. Here’s why:

It’s user friendly

This is huge for us. Many of our clients like and need the ability to EASILY make changes to their sites without having to call us. WordPress allows this capability. If someone can edit a document with Microsoft Word, then they can edit a page in WordPress.

It’s secure

WordPress is open source software. Thousands of eyeballs are constantly looking over the code. When a security risk is found it is quickly fixed and the code is updated. This is another huge reason for us because we are security freaks at tekRESCUE.

It’s Google friendly

Google loves WordPress. This has been true for a LONG time and is still true today. WordPress is used by almost 19% of all websites and is still growing in popularity. Search Engine Optimization and WordPress work great together.

It saves the customer money

We could make a database driven website from scratch. We could write hundreds of lines of code from scratch. We could write javascript from scratch. Doing that takes a lot of time. WordPress allows us to strong with a strong, secure foundation to create excellent simple to medium complexity websites.

Other reasons

It’s stable. It’s actively developed. It’s mobile friendly. It’s “girl next door” sexy. Oh and it was born in Texas.


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