How To Better Care for your Laptop

Ways to Better Care For Your Laptop

A laptop is a wonderful invention that has changed our work and play. Whether you recently got your computer or have had it for years, laptops need to be cared for to remain functional. Here are some of the best tips on caring for your laptop:

Avoid Exposing your Laptop to Extreme Temperatures

This includes setting your computer near a heater, leaving your laptop in the car on a really hot or cold day or anything else that could cause damage. Exposing your laptop to extreme temperatures can cause your computer to overheat, leading to a very costly repair. Its best to treat your laptop as you would treat yourself. You would not leave yourself super close to a heater, or leave yourself in a super hot car, so its best to do the same for your laptop as well.

Keep the Dust Bunnies Away

Dust particles in your laptop can cause permanent damage, so you should use compressed air regularly to clean the exterior of your computer. When it comes to interior cleaning, you should invest in a small vacuum designed for computers. Never use anything sharp or abrasive that could accidentally puncture the screen on your laptop. Clean your laptop regularly to ensure that no dust build up effects the functionality of the fan or the keyboard or any other important part of your computer.

Use Only Approved Power Adapters and Cables

Ensure the manufacturer approves the cable or adapter you use for your computer. You can check the back of your computer for a label that tells you which wattage to avoid. It would be best to never use a power cable from a different laptop model on your machine. Chargers can vary in power output and other things from model to model, so just because the charging port fits your laptop does not mean it is designed to charge your specific device.

Keep an Eye on The Temperature

Laptops can get extremely hot, and this is something that you should always be aware of. Your computer will usually have some indicator that tells you when it is overheating. This problem can be caused by dust, overheating, or software problems.

Keep Moisture Away

Laptops should also not be stored next to anything wet such as water, coffee pots, bathroom sinks, etc. This can cause your computer to overheat or malfunction.

Keep the Screen Clear and Free of Scratches

The screen on a laptop is made up of several parts called LCDs. Most manufacturers recommend removing the screen from the laptop every six months to clean it. Be sure to replace the screen if you have purchased a new laptop.

Avoid Plugging in Too Many USB Devices

The connection ports that your computer has can be destroyed if you are using too many USB devices at once. Ensure that the manufacturer approves any external USB devices you use on your laptop.

Don’t Overwork Your Laptop

Laptops can overheat and malfunction if you are using them too much. You should also ensure that you are not downloading malicious software that could slow down your computer. If your computer starts to have problems that could be caused by malware, run an antivirus scan immediately or contact a professional who can assist you in removing the malware so that your computer does not have to work overly hard to function.

Use the Right Software

Some laptops have a feature that allows you to update the software that you are using automatically. This can make your computer run better, but there is always a possibility that you could end up with malware or other software not approved by the manufacturer. Always make sure that you are using the right version of software, from the correct manufacturer to avoid getting any viruses or unwanted malware on your device.

Don’t Download or Use Pirated Software

You should avoid doing this because there is a chance that the software could be infected with malware or some other type of malicious program. If you are a fan of a particular software brand, you should always make sure you purchase it and not download it illegally. These tips will help keep your laptop running in top condition for years.

In Conclusion

Laptops must be taken care of to maintain working conditions. The above tips should help you take care of your computer and keep it healthy for the long haul. If you have any specific questions about maintaining high functionality on your computer, contact tekRESUCE, we would be happy to guide you in the right direction with any repairs or maintenance needed on your device.

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