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Data Trends that are Changing the Way We Use The Internet

Over time, we’ve noticed how users habits and needs change as the volume and types of data change and grow. The Internet has exploded with content that requires more data to send. There are more pixels for standard videos and for pictures. Those videos are an excellent format for introducing yourself to your customers, but smartphones may not have enough storage space to accommodate those videos. Customers can use smartphones for short marketing messages such as hashtag Twitter messages. The problems from storage space on devices has prompted some business managers to use cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a practical option for more storage space, but you can only access those files with an Internet connection. Files should also be saved on discs, flash drives and on a backup hard drive. Technicians can help you with your files if the files are stored on your computer. Many technicians can use remote access to correct problems. There may be a firewall that is blocking the connection to your cloud storage provider.

File Sync Software

Many users want to access files with different devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. The size and format of the files could restrict the use of the files on those devices. The files that have been stored on a cloud may be too large to open with a smartphone. Those different devices have been designed with similar technology but use different software. There are also different formats for websites, such as mobile and desktop versions, that have been designed to be compatible with different devices.

Download Speeds

A high-speed Internet connection is useful because a slow connection can cause the connection to the server to time-out. Your computer may generate a time-out error message from a slow connection before you have been connected to websites. Some users have the option to switch from a slower 4G connection to a faster 3G connection with a Wi-Fi signal. There is also a hazard with a high-speed Internet connection because you will need to act quickly if you want to avoid using gigabytes for automatic updates for your computer software.


Pixels are units for display for images. There are usually fewer pixels required for a picture that has a grainy display. When you use a zoom feature to enlarge a picture, you may not actually be able to see more details because the picture may only become more blurred and distorted. The improvements in the standards for excellence for marketing videos and for pictures have also caused a higher demand on data usage for high-definition displays. Your meet-and-greet video may not be suitable for a smartphone.


Many visitors to websites may become discouraged by webpages that have several paragraphs of information. You can control the size of your webpages, which will help the visitors who use smartphones. A person could use the entire limit on his or her monthly data usage before the information on your website has been displayed. The size of a webpage is very important to a visitor who is paying a monthly fee for data usage.

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