Creating The Best Logo For Your Brand

Creating The Best Logo For Your Brand

A company logo is often the first glimpse of a business that potential customers get. Because of this, having the right logo to represent your company is integral to gaining and retaining customers. Your logo should be a visual representation of your company, its values, and more, regardless of the industry. Due to the importance of company logos, a great deal of research has gone into learning what works and what doesn’t when it comes to designing a logo. Across multiple industries, the following tips have proven most valuable.


While some logos use only text, the majority utilize text combined with a graphic image. The most successful logos are those with a fairly simple graphic. Those logos that feature complicated or busy graphics will be less memorable. The graphics you choose should also reflect your business so that potential customers can easily associate the image with the company. When creating your logo, consider using vector graphics. Vector graphics will provide more clarity when used across the majority of platforms, and will make it easier to format your logo in different sizes.


The vast majority of logos include some text, and for those the font should be chosen as purposefully as the graphic. The most important part of a font is its readability. Potential customers should be able to easily understand the text on your logo, so make sure that you choose a font that is clear. Avoid having more than two different fronts on your logo. Also, consider the platforms that your logo will appear on, as the size of a font and the material it is printed on can change its appearance. Two fonts used in many modern brands are Serif and Sans Serif, as they conform well to size variances.


You will also need to consider the colors used in your logo, both in the graphic and the font. The color of a logo may not seem that important, but they can subtly change how potential customers view your business. Studies have shown that people tend to associate colors with certain emotions. For example, red hues tend to stand out and be associated with energy and excitement, while blue is often associated with security and trust. Choose your colors carefully and try to keep the colors in your logo down to three or less.


Another important aspect to consider when creating your logo is the platforms you will be using. A company’s logo may be used on many different materials and in many different sizes. Your entire logo, both text and graphics, should be flexible enough to use on a variety of platforms. Your logo needs to look appealing on something as small as a business card but as large as a billboard. Can it be printed on material such as a T-shirt or other promotional product? Some companies will use different logos for their marketing than other materials, but consistency is best, so choose a logo that can do both.

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