Using Heat Mapping To Improve Your Website's CRO

Using Heat Mapping To Improve Your Website’s CRO

A well-designed website can be one of the most important parts of any business success in our modern information age. More often than not, a potential customer is going to have their first impression of your company digitally. It is even more crucial to have a well-designed website when you are selling products online. Heat mapping is a tool that will help you determine which parts of your website are effective and which ones are less effective. Here are four ways you can use heat mapping to optimize your website’s conversion rate.

Understanding Heat Mapping

Heat mapping is a tool that has come in very handy for online businesses. This tool shows you which parts of your site are being clicked on the most. Free Analytics services like Google Analytics will usually have a heat map option available for you to look at. These heat maps come with a guide that tells you which parts of your site are being clicked on the most. This is very important when you are working on designing an effective home page. You will be able to see which of your promotions you are running on your home page are working the best.

Target the Areas of Your Website that are Not Doing Well

In business, when you discover something that works well for you it is important to stick with it. Before heat maps, this was difficult to do when it came to your web design. However, now you can determine which buttons, promotions, banners, and other design elements are helping your business to grow most effectively. You will then be able to design the rest of your site around the proven methods that have worked in the past. Heat mapping technology can also be a great way to gauge if new changes you are making to your site are effective or not. This tool will also help you to narrow down the problem areas of your site that need work. You will be able to pinpoint areas of your site that are not helping you in your sales funnel process. Heat mapping technology can allow you to also see if the changes you are making to your site are effective in remedying these problem areas.

Focus on Key Elements of Your Site that are Helping You Make the Most Sales

Just like a great salesman in your organization, your website can be a revenue generating machine. There are certain elements of a successful e-commerce site that just work. Heat mapping technology will help you find the elements of your site that are helping you make the most sales. If you are ever looking to branch out and make a new website, you will be able to use a heat map of your current site as a formula for your new success.

Determine Which Page on Your Website Should be Your Landing Page

If you have a page that is currently helping you make the majority of your sales, you will want to make this your landing page. You will be able to use heat mapping to determine exactly which elements should show up to a user after they have clicked on your ad.

If you’re interested in learning more about heat mapping and increasing business on your website, contact tekRESCUE in San Marcos, TX.

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