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Optimizing Pinterest: More Than Social Media Advice from San Marcos Web Design Professionals

It can be easy to overlook social media sites as strategic business opportunities, but that would be a mistake! What seemed to have started out as a means to search for fun new recipes, fashion, and do it yourself projects, Pinterest has become much more for your business and its online presence. Recently, Pinterest has made some major changes, catapulting it ahead of other sites like it. With over 2 billion monthly searches, on average people are spending more money on Pinterest than on other leading social media sites including Facebook and Instagram. This opens up a world of opportunity when it comes to your business as you follow some of these tips to expand your search engine optimizatio, or SEO, in San Marcos.

Know the Algorithm

Every social media site uses different algorithms to decide what content shows up in user’s feeds over others. Pinterest is no different, and knowing the major factors in what Pinterest goes by to show your content is a huge factor in maintaining the online presence that you want. If you want to give yourself the best shot at having your “pins” show in search, pay attention to these 4 top Pinterest algorithm factors:

  • Domain Quality
  • Pin Quality
  • Pinner Quality
  • Relevance

Domain Quality

Increasing the domain quality for your business is a huge factor is Pinterest promoting your posts as it legitimizes your company. Be sure that you have claimed your website and are using a business account on pinterest that reflects your website. 

Pin Quality

One way that Pinterst will judge the quality of your domain is by the quality of your pins, and this is mostly determined by the frequency that people view, like, save, and comment on your posts. Therefor, you should be making posts with the consumers and viewers in mind. What do people like to see? What is most likely to engage someone that would otherwise scroll through? There are a few practical answers to these questions that will increase your pin quality and drive traffic to your posts. 

Remember that pinterest is a picture driven site, meaning your posts should be high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure that your titles are both representative to the content while still being compelling enough to grab the attention of readers. Even the format of your blog posts can either draw or deter someone actually spending time reading, liking, and repinning it. With this in mind, utilize multiple relevant photos strategically placed in your blogs, and avoid throwing too much text at one time to read. We live in a fast paced society, and consumers thrive on snidbits more than overly lengthy posts. 

Increase Pinner Quality

Because you are the creator behind your page, Pinterest will judge you based on your content. The frequency of your posts come into play here, as Pinterest wants to know if you are dependable and consistent. If you are like most busy business owners that can’t spend all day focusing on Pinterest, utilizing one of the many apps that allows you to schedule posts will come in handy. This makes posting several times a day throughout the week possible, which then boosts your pinner quality. 


Like in all assets of business, your posts on pinterest need to be relevant to the consumers, otherwise, what’s the point? It can be difficult to always know what is relevant all of the time, but luckily, there are several clues to help guide your posts. For starters, use the search bar to establish what is most commonly searched for. Like on google, as you type in keywords, it provides options for similar posts (this appears as a drop down menu beneath the search bar as you type in keywords). These autocompleted searches are the most frequently searched phrases for that topic, so using these as a blueprint for your own posts is wise. 

One way to keep your posts relevant is also by intentionally using keywords in your descriptions. Every post you make should have a detailed description that is loaded with relevant keywords relating to the topic. Even this small detail has the capacity not only to increase relevance, but brings in more traffic to your posts which then ups your SEO rating for your San Marcos business!

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