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Tips for Optimizing Images & Videos for SEO From your Web Design and SEO Company near Austin TX

In modern day business, your online presence has the capacity to make or break you. Not only do people want to look you up online, but they want to view your instagram, your facebook, your youtube channel, yelp reviews, and more. The internet has been a driving force for business for a long time, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. Beyond just having an online presence, there are strategies that you can follow in order to increase your traffic online and also to appeal to a wider variety of people.


Search Engine Optimization is the concept of increasing the amount of and which people see your website everyday. What you post has a lot to do with your rating, and how you post it is just as important. There are specific things you can do in order to up your rating so that people are more likely to see your website and engage with you.


We live in a photo-obsessed society. People love to take and look at beautiful, symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing photos online. We love looking at photos so much, that there are multiple photo web and social media sites online with millions of members. The photos you post are very important to the success of your website. While a photo needs to be aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to be relevant. What you are talking about on that page or in that post needs to be represented in a clear way by the photo you are including. A description set aside with the photo will help you know if your photo is relevant. If you cannot find a way to caption a photo while being on topic of your post, it is likely you need to choose another photo.  


Your inclusion of videos affects your SEO as well, and there are a couple of basic steps you can take to increase your rating. For starters, include a transcript to your video for the subtitles. Everyone knows people sneak phones into classrooms, meetings, etc. Because of this, people often watch more videos on silent than they do with the volume up. By creating a transcript, not only are you giving viewers more opportunities to watch your content, but the text is easier for search bots to decipher, meaning those posts will naturally have a higher rating.


The quality of your photo or video is crucial in your rating as well. You would not want a grainy photo representing your company as it decreases the value of your website aesthetically. These are common video resolutions and aspect ratios that are a good rule to follow for posting a video, and there are many programs that will let you edit these ratios like Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • 1080p: 1920×1080
  • 720p: 1280×720
  • 480p: 854×480
  • 360p: 640×360
  • 240p: 426×240

Titles and Meta Description

Using keywords for the search engine to recognize and connect your brand with your videos and pictures is crucial for your google rating. When editing your meta description or any description for a photo or video, you should be very specific and descriptive. Anything you write on or for your website should be on topic, and the more concise your info is, the higher your SEO ranking will be.


Even though people get caught up in scrolling when looking online, you should be controlling where their eyes naturally land on your page. Be strategic in the placement of your video and photos. For instance, by putting the most updated, relevant, and interesting photo or video first with a clear, concise description, you will increase the likeliness of someone spending more time on your page instead of clicking through.

While SEO might seem like a factor that you don’t need to worry about or even learn about, if you want to increase traffic on your page, you must become savvy with boosting your ranking. Don’t fall into online oblivion. Instead, up your ranking and watch your business grow!

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